This Not-So-Classic Makeup Colour Combination Is Trending All Over Instagram

There was once a time when stepping out in colour combinations like navy and black, gold and silver, or pink and red was considered a serious style faux pas. While those days are now firmly behind us, what about when it comes to your makeup? Thankfully, 2019 has brought with it a whole host of cool colour trends (from blue lashes to green nails), and it seems to me that there's no limit to the number of ways you can experiment with colour in your beauty bag. But there's one makeup combination that's continually been making an appearance in my Instagram feed this year: pink and red.

A soft shade of pink lends a subtle colour to eyelids while a satin red lipstick adds intensity. 

Pink and red are a match made in beauty heaven, and despite feeling a little out-there at first, I think it's a pairing even the most colour-shy can make work. Ease your way in with soft pinks on your eyelids and red stains on your lips; then build up to brighter hues and bolder textures when you've worked out what suits you.

It's important to note that fashion girls tend to wear the trend as just mentioned (pink on the eyes and red on the lips), but I think a smudge of red eye shadow contrasted with a fuchsia lip would look equally cool. Keep scrolling for more inspiration on how to wear this trending makeup colour combination and the best products to try.

Dusky Pink + Matte Red

It isn't just a colour clash at play here; it's a texture clash too. Creamy eye shadow is a great entry point to the pink-and-red trend, as this makeup texture generally looks a little more lived-in and laid-back than a traditional powder eye shadow. The pink used here lies on the tawny side for a slightly more wearable take on the hue. The lipstick is a classic matte formula—a great low-maintenance option if you hate touching-up your makeup during the day—and almost looks orange.

Although this is a cream blush, Glossier Cloud Paint doubles up as a great eye shadow product. This shade is a deep berry that looks intense at first, but a little goes a long way. Apply just a dot to your eyelids, and then blend it out with your fingertips for dusky pink sheen.

One of MAC's most iconic red lipstick shades, Lady Danger is a creamy matte scarlet with a hint of orange for a fiery finish.

Glossy Textures

Pink and red makeup trending: Kicki Yangz wearing glossy pink eye and red lipgloss



If you want to try the pink-and-red makeup trend but aren't sure you're sold yet, products with a glossy or dewy-looking finish are a great place to start. (Neon face art optional.) By opting for eye shadows and lipsticks with some shine, you won't get the longevity of wear that you would with matte textures. In fact, many glosses will actually dry down into a subtle stain with wear.

Like a lip lacquer for your eyes, this shiny eye pigment delivers a wash of cool pink to your lids with a hint of pearly golden shimmer. Apply just one coat for a wash of glowy colour, or build it up for more intense pigment and sparkle.

This lipstick-balm hybrid is one of my favourite everyday lip formulas. It's enriched with seven nourishing oils, so your lips get the benefit of all-day hydration along with a slick of glowy pigment. It has just the right amount of sheen and dries down evenly throughout the day, so you're left with a cool-girl stain effect.

Art-School Eyes + Classic Lips

Pink and red makeup trending: Lucy Boynton wearing pink eyeshadow and red lipstick



When it comes to boundary-pushing beauty looks, I'm already fully obsessed with Lucy Boynton. To keep this pink-and-red look feeling fresh, she's kept the rest of her makeup super simple with even skin, groomed brows and plenty of mascara. There's no need for blush here. By applying colour to the outer corners of the eyes and fanning it outwards, it lands on the tops of cheekbones too.

To make this look work, think about the colour your cheeks would naturally flush when you're blushing; then pick a colour that's a shade or two brighter. This way it looks impactful on your eyes but also works when sheered out onto the tops of your cheekbones. Use a fluffy brush and lots of light layers to diffuse the colour outwards from the centre of your eyelids.

Heralded as a red carpet–ready formula, this liquid lipstick applies like a gloss and then sets down into a soft matte finish. It's ultra-full coverage and stays put once it's set, so this definitely isn't an option for days when you want to blend in.

Under-Eye Shadow 

Pink and red makeup trending: Lupita Nyong'o wearing pink under-eye shadow and red lipstick



Alongside the pink-and-red makeup trend, there's another beauty look I've noticed creeping its way back into the mainstream—under-eye shadow. Lupita Nyong'o is nodding to both trends with this striking makeup look, keeping her pink eye shadow purely beneath her lower lashes. This is a great idea if you're wedded to black liner on your upper lash line, as it's a really fun twist on wearing colour on your eyes. Paired with a shiny red lip, it feels playful and contemporary.

Use a pencil brush to pick up a small amount of eye shadow and run it just beneath your lower lash line. Apply your concealer afterwards, as powder formulas have a tendency to drop down onto your cheeks.

Glossier Play launched to much fanfare at the start of March, but its high-shine lip lacquers are the star of the show for me. This pillar-box red delivers on pigment and gloss and wears beautifully throughout the day.

Red Eye Shadow + Pink Lips

As mentioned, it seems that pink eye shadow and red lipstick is having a major beauty moment, but why not switch things up and try wearing the colours vice versa? Red can be a strong colour to wear on eyes, so go for shades with a bit of shimmer in them to keep them feeling fresh and glowy. For lips, a tinted pink lip balm is a wearable, pretty option.

This is a muted, burnished red powder shadow with a cool metallic finish. I wouldn't normally advocate using the eye shadow applicators that come with the compacts, but the sponge one here is perfect for messily applying the colour to your eyelids. You can also use the tip to trace beneath your lash line for more of a smoky finish.

This lip balm has something of a cult following amongst influencers and beauty editors. It contains a rich blend of shea butter, ceramides and vitamin E to deeply condition your lips and leave them plump, supple and petal-soft. It also delivers the subtlest hint of pink colour to lips for a natural finish.

High-Coverage Colour

Finally, opaque pigmentation doesn't have to result in an over-the-top look. This full-coverage red lipstick and matte pink eye shadow looks amazing when worn with simple, glowy skin. Applying the eye shadow just up to the socket line stops the makeup from feeling too much while patting out the edge of your lipstick with a fingertip gives a softer finish.

A highly pigmented powder eye shadow in a matte pastel pink that looks just as good on eyelids as it does on your cheeks.

Another product that packs a real punch when it comes to pigment, this is coined as a demi-matte formula, which means that it delivers moisture in the form of nourishing oils, but with a shine-free finish.

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