Phoebe Lettice Thompson: The London Girl We Want to Dress Like Now

Welcome to Girl on the Rise, where we interview and shoot up-and-coming talent in order to deliver to you the name to drop at every future watercooler moment, as well a few solid styling and shopping tricks along the way. Don't. Go. Anywhere.

Team Who What Wear is quite fussy about who they follow on Instagram, but if there's one under-the-radar Brit girl we all turn to time and again when on the hunt for a truly eclectic outfit or two, it's Phoebe Lettice Thompson. She's the London fashion insider with more strings to her bow than even the most competitive slash-generational—photographer, stylist, creative whiz, It girl, the list goes on—and her no-holds-barred approach to getting dressed in an assortment of eclectic garms has frequently piqued our interest on Instagram.