London's Most Stylish Artist Uses These 7 Affordable Beauty Products

Having stepped inside it earlier this month, we already know that Phoebe Collings-James has one of the Best Wardrobes in Britain. But what we weren’t expecting was for her beauty stash to be equally as dreamy. A carefully curated edit of affordable products that she genuinely uses, Collings-James proves that you don’t need mountains of expensive beauty gadgets to look chic. In fact, the most expensive product in her collection is just £35.

Phoebe Collings-James's Affordable Beauty Picks: Hair clip and glowy skin



Intrigued? Scroll down to find out what affordable beauty products London’s most stylish artist swears by.

Phoebe Collings-James's Affordable Beauty Picks: Beauty products in wicker basket



Even if you don’t wear colour regularly, red lipstick is something of a beauty bag staple. Nars has a wide selection of shades in foolproof formulas, so they’re a great band to start with if it’s your first foray into colour. Collings-James actually took inspiration from her mum for this purchase who wears the same shade. “It looked so nice [on her] that I tried it and really wanted one,” Collings-James explained. As someone who doesn’t wear lipstick regularly, this one is now her go-to: “It’s really easy to use and the colour is perfect. It’s the right balance between matte and glossy.”

Take a peek inside any stylish woman’s home and we can almost guarantee that you’ll spot Aesop hand soap in the bathroom. So we weren’t surprised to spot that Collings-James’s moisturiser of choice was from this chic Australian brand. “I really just love the smell. That’s it!” says Collings-James. “It’s also just a good moisturiser!” As fans of the citrus scent ourselves, we can concur that this stuff is mouthwateringly good.


Phill Taylor

“It’s just so good,” is what Collings-James tells us when asked why she loves this body cream from The Body Shop. “It’s great for dry skin in the winter, and it smells beautiful.”

Something of a cult classic amongst the beauty blogging community, Nars bronzer is beloved by many for its ability to impart a natural, shimmer-free glow on the skin. “It’s incredible,” Colling-James says. “I have a tan at the moment, but even when I don’t, it’s great and makes you look a bit happier!”

Something of a French pharmacy beauty staple, this Nuxe body oil is a true multitasker, as it’s a blend of nourishing oils that can be used on your face, hair and body. Colling-James likes using it when she goes out and on her arms for added hydration.

To keep her curls looking their best, Collings-James uses this leave-in treatment. “This is amazing for curly hair,” she told us. Packed with organic aloe, it delivers shine and definition to kinky hair and cuts down on styling time.

Spot sufferers, listen up. Colling-James told us that she began using Neal’s Yard face wash after she broke out from hormonal acne. It’s true that this type of acne tends to focus itself along the chin and jawline, so try this if you’re looking for a gentle way to banish those pesky breakouts. “I’ve always liked Neal’s Yard, and you can’t get it in America,” Collings-James says.

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