The £33 Product That Nicole, Gwyneth and Drew Rely on for Great Hair

Whether they're stepping out on the red carpet or embracing off-duty style, chances are that behind the hairstyles of your favourite celebrity lies one of the best stylists in the business. Obviously, folks like you and I don't have the luxury of an on-hand hair expert to advise us on our two-minute work hairstyles or weekly haircare routine, which is why I'm always interested to hear about products that celebrities genuinely use when they're styling their hair solo. Turns out that there's one brand in particular that A-listers from Nicole Kidman to Halle Berry swear by for amazing hair—and it's one I've been completely overlooking until now.

Philip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil: Nicole Kidman is a fan



Hollywood hair expert Philip B created his own eponymous range of hair styling products after his star-studded roster of clients expressed an interest in wanting to be able to get similar results at home. "I love giving hair treatments and seeing people instantly transformed," explained Philip B. "Clients always say to me, 'If only everyone could sit in your chair…' But everyone can! It's not me; it's the products. All of them were tested on my clients—many of whom are famous people who need to have a great hair day, every day."

Philip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil: Halle Berry uses the range



But there's one product of his in particular that the A-list are obsessing over right now for amazing hair, guaranteed: Philip B Rejuvenating Oil (£33). In fact, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore are all fans of this multipurpose hair product.

When asked about her red carpet routine for hair, Kidman revealed to Vogue that it was this very hair oil that she relied upon to get her award season–ready. "I'll put Philip B [Rejuvenating] Oil in my hair overnight, and then I'll chill out," Kidman explained. "Kylee Heath is going to do my hair, and we'll figure out the style once I've decided on the dress."

So what is it about this hair oil in particular that has celebrities swearing by it? First up, it's a mix of natural oils including olive, sesame, sweet almond, jojoba walnut and lavender (phew), so it's a really nourishing formula that works for all hair types. And unlike other oils, it doesn't weigh the hair down. In fact, detoxifies the scalp, and restores the shine, bounce and elasticity to your strands at the same time as removing unwanted product buildup.

Philip B Rejuvenating Hair Oil: Nicole Kidman's red carpet hair prep



"Use the pads of your fingertips to gently massage the oil into your scalp, applying the heat with a blow-dryer and the nozzle to help it absorb," advised Philip B. "Once the oil is thoroughly heated, massage it through from roots to ends. Even after one treatment, your hair dried in half the time." You can leave it on anytime from 20 minutes to overnight, depending on how much care your hair needs. Finally, shampoo it out to be left with soft, shiny strands to rival the A-list.

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