11 Petite Style Tips From Fashion Girls Who Are Actually Short

As a petite girl, I’d hope to have an innate armoury of style tips that allow me to make sensible (read: lengthening) outfit decisions on a daily basis. I don’t mind my height, but the impression of an extra few inches isn’t entirely undesirable. Being on the small side can create large problems: I’ve been flummoxed by many a trouser-to-shoe ratio and have finally configured my brain to understand that buying cropped jeans actually equals buying full-length jeans—and that to aim for the aforementioned cropped cut is going to involve some sewing skills of my own.

There are, unfortunately, very few brands who offer petite versions of their clothes. I have tried and tested many but would say the best on the high street are Banana Republic (especially for tailoring), and I’ve found an excellent small-shoe specialist online. But otherwise—and I’m sure you’ll know this if you are also petite—the options are pretty poor.

Even though I’ve developed some canny lengthening tactics over the years, it’s good to have a refresher course and look to other petite ladies whose style I admire. Decoding some of the fashion industry’s small but perfectly formed wardrobes has confirmed some of my ideas, but also generated some new ones.

So if you, too, struggle with your height every day of the week, here are some thoroughly researched petite style tips you’ll want to pick up right away.