I'm 5'2", and This Is What I'm Buying This Season

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found dressing for my relatively petite stature to be quite easy. Sure, I have to hit up the tailor more than others, and I don’t particularly benefit from wearing flats on the regular, but, for as long as I can remember, it’s been pretty clear to me how to shop effectively and dress stylishly and for my height. So much so that oftentimes, people are actually surprised to hear that I’m only 5’2”.

However, if you haven’t found it to be as simple, there’s no need to worry—because you have me! Lucky for you, not only do I get paid to share my style tips and shopping advice (thank you, Who What Wear), but I also love doing it, so today’s roundup goes out to all my fellow short girls out there. To read about and shop the eight flattering essentials I’ll be adding to my cart this season, just keep scrolling.  

1. Tuckable Sweaters 

Since sweaters tend to look a bit too long on me, I always consider whether or not it can be tucked in before buying. If it's too bulky or way too long, I've found that it doesn't sit as nicely with my skirts and jeans, thus cutting off and shortening my legs. 

3. Heeled Boots

Any heel height will do since my general rule of thumb is to simply avoid shoes that are completely flat. Because I wear boots almost every day or night in fall, I look for heeled pairs that are still comfortable and feel casual so that I have a little extra height without looking too dressed up. 

4. Long Coats

Long coats worn open create a flattering line down the whole front of the body that gives the illusion of more height. They also happen to be extremely chic, so it's really a win all around.

5. Cropped Cardigans

This is as much a fashion choice as it is a flattering one because cardigans are one of my favourite autumn trends, and when you're on the shorter side, they just look better cropped. I plan to wear them as tops with high-waisted jeans all season long.

6. Miniskirts 

I love pairing miniskirts with sweaters in the autumn and have always fount it to be a great look for petite girls, especially because the short hemline lengthens your legs.

7. Kitten-Heeled Mules 

Back to my comment about always wearing a slight heel… Aside from boots, my other go-to is a kitten-heeled mule. Not only are they comfortable, but they strike the perfect balance between chill and polished, so I feel like I can wear them anywhere and be appropriately dressed. 

8. Belted Blazers 

Wear these layered over turtlenecks and sweaters or alone as sort of a going-out top and you'll never look back.

Up next, the biggest autumn/winter 2020 fashion trends to know. 

This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.

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