Why Peter Dundas Chose Kim Kardashian as His Muse

Peter Dundas, the new creative director of Roberto Cavalli, has chosen Kim Kardashian as his muse for the brand. Kim wore his designs when he was at Emilio Pucci, and Dundas now sees Kim as inspiration for the new Cavalli woman, according to Vogue.com. He told the site, “I think Kim represents a certain aspect of the Cavalli woman in her sensuality and also the unapologetic celebration of her body." Dundas also said he doesn't want there to be one kind of Cavalli woman; he feels the brand represents freedom in that way. For Dundas, Kim very much carries herself along those lines; he told Vogue.com, “I always enjoy meeting up with Kim. She is a funny, easygoing chick who likes to have a laugh and doesn’t take things too seriously. Her life is often like a story you couldn’t write, but she manages to handle it with ease and with a wink.” Kim was the first person to wear a piece created by Peter Dundas for Roberto Cavalli, at this year's Met Gala in May, but we're sure she won't be the last!

Scroll down to take another look at the Met Gala gown Peter Dundas created for Kim Kardashian!