The 15 Most ADORABLE Pet Halloween Costumes on Instagram

Happy Halloween! Now that the year's biggest costuming day is officially upon us, we're busy finalising spooky plans, putting together our last-minute outfits, and stalking Instagram to see what everyone else is wearing. But when we started scrolling through our feed, you can imagine our shock and awe when it wasn't the human costumes we ended up squealing about, but those donned by our furry little friends.

From Tuna the chihuahua to Biddy the hedgehog, these little guys in their best Halloween garb is the stuff pet dreams are made of. (See what we did there?)

If you're in the mood for a full-on cutefest, keep scrolling to enjoy these photos as much as we did!

Bailey Mitchell

"As you can see, my dog is thrilled... #outfit1 #morecostumechangesthanBeyonce "

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Biddy the Hedgehog

"Woo hoo witchy hedgehog see how high I fly

Chloe Conrad

"Well this is awkward... Chloe's lion costume came in the mail today. Trying to figure out how to tell her "Ringleader and Lion" didn't win in the costume poll."

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Dubois Duff

"No filter needed! #festive #dawg"

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Fawkes Grande

"rescued some dinosaurs"

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Finn Seyfreid


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 "Still trying on costumes... not so sure about this one. #lilbub #lilbubmblebee"

FOLLOW: iamlilbub

If It Wags

"Gus thinks they should let him collect the tennis balls at the US open

Jiff the Pom


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Menswear Dog

"There's something about my shaggy-dog eyes that makes people think I'm good." - Steve McQueen Menswear Dog Behind-the-scenes @rootstudios#Rootstudios"

FOLLOW: mensweardog

"I'm ready"

FOLLOW: nala_cat

Neville Jacobs

"Skate or Die!"

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Prince Hilton

"In bed with my lil super hero@Prince_Hilton_The_Pom. #TrueLove "

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Puddy Legend

"...or sad leprechaun?"

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