The Secret to Looking Good in Work Meetings All the Time

Have you ever spent your entire morning deciding what to wear to an important work meeting, only to end up running late to the office because of the wasted time in your closet? Trust us, we're right there with you. And so is entrepreneur Ashwini Anburajan. The founder of a startup recently wrote at essay for Racked in which she explained her problems with dressing for major work events and missing important meetings for caring too much about her look.

Her mantra for dressing successfully (and quickly!)? Remembering "the spotlight effect"—where you think people are paying more attention to something about you than they actually are. Because really, even though you may spend two hours planning an outfit, the reality is your colleagues probably won't notice that specific pair of shoes or bag as much as you do.

So in an effort to streamline your morning routine and feel confident with your 9-to-5 ensemble (without having to sacrifice time), Ashwini suggests coming up with one standard uniform to wear to every single important meeting you have—so you actually don't have to think about what to wear again.

Her go-to uniform? "A Clover Canyon pencil skirt, a silk white button-down from Zara, and a blazer I treasure from a Maison Margiela for H&M collection. In the summers, I'll wear one of two dresses with the same blazer. It's done without thinking. Two sets of shoes: one for warm weather and one for cold. Always the same makeup routine. Hair goes back. Second-guessing is not allowed," she told Racked.

If you're feeling inspired to practice this uniform trick for all of your meetings, keep scrolling to check out three easy, no-fail outfit combos (including Ashwini's!) for a range of style tastes and office settings that will make getting dressed for work a whole lot easier. 

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