19 More-Than-Perfect It Bags Worthy of Your Paycheque

Dogs are conversation starters between dog lovers, but handbags do the same job for the style set. There's often the exchange of a nod of approval in real life or a like on Insta once we spot a new bag that's captured our attention for all the right reasons. But there are certain styles that are so loved they gain instant cult and/or classic status, and you'll see them en masse on the most stylish of arms.

We don't know about you, but we've spotted at least five girls this week alone wearing Ganni's beaded bag. Then there's the Staud bucket that's just launched in brand-new colourways. They've been popular for years now, proving longevity doesn't have to come in the form of boring, plain shoppers. It can be tricky to keep up, though, which is why we've sifted through the street style shots to find out exactly where everyone is shopping for their new arm candy. You're welcome.

Whether you're a tote-only kind of girl, a hands-free crossbody purist, or a person who traffics in teeny-tiny (but fabulous) bags, we've got you covered. But special bags aren't just for Christmas. So invest your time in perusing our selection below—from Gucci to Ganni—and make the right choice. Believe us when we say it'll a be tough to choose just one. Say hello to the 19 dream bags that'll be upgrading your autumn/winter 2018 outfits in 3, 2, 1…

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Opening Image: Getty