From £7 to £205, Here Are the Beauty Buys Margot Robbie's Makeup Artist Uses IRL

Behind every celebrity on the red carpet, there's a whole team of creative geniuses who have prepped, primped and coiffed the A-lister into their best self. Pati Dubroff is one of those talents. The celebrity makeup artist is regularly on hand to the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Kate Bosworth and Margot RobbieOh, and Dubroff—the mastermind behind Robbie's electric-blue BAFTAs makeup look on Sunday—is renowned for creating some of the most beautiful skin looks in the industry.

Pati Dubroff Makeup Bag: Dubroff applying makeup on the job



Of course, it's no secret that celebrity makeup artists have access to the best products in the business, so when I heard that Dubroff was going to be in London post-BAFTAs, what I really wanted to find out was what beauty products she kept in her personal makeup bag. Forget the award-season skin-prep and makeup tips (although, of course, I also picked her brains on both accounts for another day)—I wanted to know what items would make the cut when Dubroff was talking about her own makeup.


Pati Dubroff

Luckily, she was happy to oblige my nosiness. Sadly, there are a couple of products that haven't landed on UK soil just yet (Dubroff raved about a lipstick from Sunnies Face, a Philippines-based beauty brand that makes "the best textured lipstick" she's tried), but read on to find out about the beauty products she loves that you can get your hands on.

Dubroff is as passionate about precise makeup application as one might expect from a woman who makes her living from it. She always carries this "little baby light," as she calls it, to ensure that she can clearly see what she's doing at all times.

Dubroff carries mini versions of this cult cream (along with the rich version) in her personal kit. "It fits perfectly in my makeup bag," she told us. "I have them in my purse and everywhere." When prepping skin for makeup, Dubroff uses the cream on the perimeter of the face and a mattifying primer in the centre to help the makeup last without losing any natural glow.

When it comes to base, I'm always intrigued about what foundation will make the cut with a makeup artist. Dubroff likes Nude Wear for a seamless, skin-like finish.

Pati Dubroff Makeup Bag: Margot Robbie at pre-Baftas party in Chanel



Margot Robbie looking effortlessly elegant ahead of the Chanel pre-BAFTAs party with winged eyeliner and glowy skin by Dubroff.

Renowned for the creation of glowy looks, it was no surprise to spot not one but two highlighters in Dubroff's personal kit. She has two of the new Chanel balm sticks—one of which is clear and the other an ivory highlight. Dubroff says there are perfect for pressing onto skin to add natural radiance.

Pati Dubroff Makeup Bag: Pati Dubroff putting finishing touch to Kate Bosworth's makeup



Dubroff putting the finishing touches to Kate Bosworth's makeup with a pink lip.

The classic Skin Food formula might have made our roundup of best products with bad packaging, but the lip butter in Dubroff's makeup bag proves that this beauty franchise delivers. The buttery texture provides the perfect prep for lipstick.

I didn't think it was possible to get excited about a translucent powder, but as it turns out, I was wrong. This one from Sensai is the only powder that Dubroff uses on herself or anyone else. "It's incredible. You can't get it in the States, but you guys are lucky over here," she told us.

Dubroff describes this eye stick as a "camely, taupey, brown," and I think it's the ultimate lazy girl's eye shadow. These Chanel sticks are ultra-creamy and can be used as a liner or scribbled all over the eyelids as an everyday colour.

Pati Dubroff Makeup Bag: Priyanka Chopra with silver metallic eye



As well as glowy skin, Dubroff is the master of creating high-impact special occasion makeup looks like this pewter eye on Priyanka Chopra.

One thing that surprised me was the lack of brushes inside Dubroff's personal makeup bag. She told us she only has a couple of brushes by It Cosmetics, suggesting a laid-back approach to personal makeup application I can definitely get on board with. Her tendency towards cream textured products means that many can be blended in using just your fingertips.

Products that are travel-friendly are essential for makeup artists who are constantly jetting from client to client with plenty of transatlantic travel. This exceptionally sleek concealer palette contains two shades to camouflage dark circles and breakouts, as well as a powder to set everything in place.

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