This Brand Is My Go-To for Adding Self-Care Into My Skincare Routine

Before we couldn't fly anywhere, I took my in-flight beauty routine very seriously. In the month before my trips, I would test all manner of products to see which ones would make the final cut. These are the ones that I deem to be worthy of decanting into the dozen tiny pots that fit into my clear bag.

On one of these lab-worthy skincare trials, I came across Patchology. I rarely make time for products like eye gel masks, but on an eight-hour flight, there's really nothing else to do. So in my bag they went.

Not only were they a joy to use, but the eye gels were also surprisingly effective, and I embarked from the plane looking pretty fresh. Patchology has the kind of products that you don't think you need and may not go looking for, but they're seriously good if you want to add some self-care into your skincare routine. 

The best part? They work a treat. With everything from self-warming hand masks to foot exfoliation, they've got you covered. Keep scrolling to read about my favourite products from the brand. 

Featuring two of my favourite products from the brand in one handy set, this is everything your feet need to look and feel their best. The PoshPeel Pedicure is an AHA and BHA blend. You pop your feet into the provided sock and let the peeling commence. It's incredibly satisfying, and gross, but well worth it for the softest skin your feet have ever known. The Best Foot Forward Mask is the ultimate sole softener and kept my feet feeling nourished for so long after I used it. 

The ultimate betrayal is waking up after eight hours of sleep with your eyes telling a completely different story. These gel masks give my eyes the kick-start they need for looking rested and hydrated when I wake up the next morning. 

I'm into anything that proclaims to be self-warming, and I get weirdly giggly about the entire process. As the days are getting colder, this was the perfect moment of self-care. I placed my hands in the gloves, and the coconut and rosehip oil mask got to work. I kept it on for longer than needed, as I was unable to use my phone, and it made for a wonderful digital detox, with the extra benefit of super-soft hands to start my manicure.

With cannabis-seed oil, reishi, and rhodiola, these inflammation-reducing gel masks are cooling, moisturising, and everything my eyes need after too many hours spent staring into my laptop screen. 

I don't really trust any lip products that aren't balms, glosses, or lipsticks. But this one changed my mind. If you thought that a sheet mask looks wild on a plane, then try this. It's worth all the stares, as five minutes later my peptide-drenched lips were soft, soothed, and incredibly smooth. 

A do-it-all box that's ideal for grabbing when skin is in need of a little something extra. There are charcoal nose strips, and we all know just how satisfying those are. Plus, it includes salicylic acid dots and pore-clearing dots. It's a dream for treating blemishes in the easiest way.

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