I Was Totally Over Blush Until I Tried This Powder

While some people have seen the last year or so as an opportunity to ditch their usual makeup routines for something more low-maintenance, I have taken an entirely different approach. Over the last 18 months, I've been experimenting with new eye-shadow looks and hairstyles and rediscovering my love for all of those overlooked beauty products that were starting to collect dust. At the same time, I've even added new steps to my makeup routine, including applying foundation, concealer, bronzer and, more recently, blush.

Sure, blush had been a part of my beauty routine in the past, but after I discovered Glossier's Cloud Paint, I called off my search for the perfect blush. But with so many recent blush launches (not to mention all the TikTok users posting their favorites), I decided to get a little more experimental with my blush. And there's a new one in town that has totally stolen my heart: Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Blush (£35).

Vanese Maddix before applying Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Blush



Vanese Maddix before applying Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Blush.

When the one and only mother of makeup, Pat McGrath, teased the release of her first-ever blush range back in April, I mentally checked out my purchase before the collection had even gone on sale. It includes nine long-wearing and super-pigmented shades in demi-matte and satin finishes. The blush is packaged in a gorgeous purple and gold box with a sparkly petal design on the front, and the powder itself comes inside a black, super-sleek compact with a built-in mirror, making it the perfect travel companion. One of my favourite details is the "blush without caution" message on the back of the packaging, which states "Fabulous fleurtations and sexquisite seductions may result with prolonged use." You don't have to tell me twice, Pat. That's a risk I’m definitely willing to take. 

Vanese Maddix after applying Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Blush.



Vanese Maddix after applying Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Divine Blush.

Lovestruck, a berry pink in a demi-matte finish, instantly caught my attention, as I knew it would go perfectly with my dark complexion. I swirled my fluffy blush brush into the powder and watched as it seamlessly picked up the blush. As expected, the colour tinted my cheeks and provided an instant pop of colour that blended seamlessly into my skin. In addition to applying it to the apples of my cheeks, I really like to brush it on my temples and gently sweep it across my nose (Thanks, TikTok). It's safe to say that this blush has exceeded my expectations. Seriously, Pat McGrath kills it every time. And if you've been wondering whether the blush is worth the buy, then you better make up your mind—it's quickly selling out.

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