And Just Like That, These 6 Pretty Nail Colours Are Suddenly Trending

Along with gingham checks and basket bags, pastel nails are synonymous with springtime style. And now that we've turned a corner and officially entered the season, we're keen to embrace the pretty manicure once more. Although pastels sound saccharine (we can almost taste the sugared almonds), that needn't be the case. Of course, there are the petal-inspired shades of rose and lilac, but then there are the slightly punchier tones of mint and peach, which are arguably more in keeping with pared-back aesthetics.

You might not think it, but pastel nail colours are also quite versatile. Although colourful, their powdery undertones loan themselves well to a multitude of other hues, meaning they're less likely to clash with whatever you're wearing than, say, neon or rich shades. How you choose to channel your pastel nail colours is entirely up to you. Wear one hue across your hand, or why not create a diluted rainbow by painting each nail a different shade? Whichever you choose, scroll below to see the six pastel nail colours you should consider for your next at-home manicure this spring.


Pastel Nail Colours: Elif wears a pastel yellow nail polish



Style Notes: As most of us are looking to fill our lives with more joy, it's little wonder that yellow nails are trending right now. Faded yellow tones are universally flattering and will give neutral outfits an instant lift. 


Style Notes: Not content with taking over our wardrobes, lilac tones are also dominating the beauty scene. Try adding a slick of mauve to your daily get-ups, and you'll soon see its appeal. 

Style Notes: Probably the "edgiest" pastel shade out there, mint nail polish is the go-to hue for minimalists. We love how Caitlin has used hers to breathe new life into her black top. 


Style Notes: Coral always makes a comeback for summer, but right now, delicate peach is the hue the style set are seeking out. 

5. SKY

Pastel Nail Colours: Zeena wears a sky blue nail polish



Style Notes: We can't guarantee blue skies, but we can promise that painting your nails in this subtle shade of blue will give you the same feel-good endorphins. 

Pastel Nail Colours: Emmanuelle wears a rose pink nail polish



Style Notes: Classic and chic, pale pink is the most elegant way to do pastel nails. Pretty much impossible to get sick of, this is the first gel colour we'll be requesting when salons reopen. Until then, we'll gladly settle for one of these beautiful shades. 

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