Yes, You Can Wear Your Leggings With Fancy Clothes—Here's How

If there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love to dance. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean I'm actually any good at it, but somehow my inhibitions melt away and are swiftly replaced with what I can only describe as instinct as I sashay, spin and side-step my way into the early hours. I've danced in seedy bars. I've even danced on bars (don't be fooled—it looked nothing like Coyote Ugly). One time, I even danced at an industry party with Alexa Chung, who seemed to be in awe of my rhythm (or perhaps, my lack thereof). It's not clear, as we didn't speak afterwards. 

The point of my story is that I've danced enough to know that wearing constricting clothes only hinders my movement. And although nights out might be on hold right now, I see this as an opportunity; to take my trusty leggings and give them a fancy overhaul for 2020's "party season"—my front room being the venue of choice. 

Handily, it seems I'm not the only one who has the party leggings idea.Not just one but four of my favourite influencers are already styling up their black leggings for after-dark endeavours, and they've inspired me to do the same. From sleek layering techniques to choosing suitably glamorous accessories, creating party outfits with leggings is easier than you might think. Keep scrolling to discover the four looks I intend on replicating before the year is out. Who knows, I might even upload my efforts (both styling and dancing) on TikTok. 

Party Outfits with Leggings: Wear your leggings with a button-up dress.



Style Notes: Wearing a dress over trousers is one of the fashion pack's favourite styling tricks, and the look proves just as sleek when using leggings, too. Look for button-front dresses you can leave open to flash some jersey; then finish with elegant heels. Or your slippers. No judgement. 

Style Notes: Leather-look leggings are just as comfortable as standard jersey leggings, but feel significantly more glamorous from the off. For full-on party vibes, add a sequin top into the mix. 

Party Outfits with Leggings: Style a jazzy pair with a silky blouse.



Style Notes: Make your basic legging and white t-shirt combination feel more polished in a flash by adding a chain belt and a slick of bright red 

Party Outfits with Leggings: Ensure your top half looks polished.



Style Notes: The simplest way to make your leggings work for your group Zoom calls is with a fancy top that'll be picked up on camera, And Self-Portrait's off-the-shoulder number is just the ticket.

Style Notes: Make your basic legging and white t-shirt combination feel more polished in a flash by adding a chain belt and a slick of bright red lipstick. 

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