Party Season Is Here—26 Chic Hairstyles That Guarantee Compliments

As if by magic, the festive season is almost upon us. I don't know about you. but I've already started bookmarking party outfits and planning my party-season manicure. My hairstyle, however, is often an afterthought, which leads to an influx of stress as I try and work out what to do with my hair, which is usually worn down and left to its own devices most days.

This year, though, I'm ready to switch things up. I want to go all out hair accessories but I'm rejecting the notion that you need to spend hours at the hairdresser's to create a look deemed party-ready.

So to mark this more laidback approach to special occasion hairstyles, I've rounded up some of my favourite party hairstyles that I've spotted on celebs and fashion types this year. Trust me—these are looks that you can genuinely re-create at home and will only take minutes to do—no skills required. Keep scrolling to see the best party hairstyles I've found.

26 of the Best Party Hairstyles to Try

I've obsessed with how simple yet effective this bun is, which is instantly elevated with a gold ponytail cuff.

Party hairstyles: Hailey Bieber slicked-back bun @haileybieber



A slicked back bun is always a winning party hairstyle (and works even better if you've skipped hair wash day).

Party hairstyles: Simone Ashley side-parted slicked back bun



Simone Ashley demonstrates how a side-parted slick bun looks so stylish for the party season.

Party hairstyles: low ponytail with diamanté ponytail hair accessory



If you want to go all out with your party hairstyle, then why not update the humble ponytail with a glittering diamanté ponytail?

Party hairstyles: Hailey Bieber half up half down hairstyle with face framing tendrils



If your outfit has a strapless neckline, then a half-up, half-down hairstyle with tendrils really showcases this as well as giving a does of nineties vibes.

Part hairstyles: braids with crystals



If you have braids in your hair, then some hair crystals dotted along the partings looks so chic.

Party hairstyles: Linn Eklund with lots of hair accessories



Party season is all about excess, so follow Linn Eklund's approach to party hair. Why wear one hair clip when you can wear four?

Party Hairstyles: Scarlett Johansson with sleek high bun



There's a time and a place for a messy bun, but Scarlett Johansson proves that for a special occasion, sleek and glossy is the way to turn heads. Wear your bun mid-height—not too high, not too low—for a twist on this classic hairstyle.

No words, just J.Lo giving us all the '90s supermodel blowout inspiration that we need for our next party.

Party hairstyles: Florence Pugh with slicked back hair



Slicked-back hair looks good on any hair length and is perfect for showing off party earrings.

Sometimes, it's the classic hairstyles that work best for parties and a bouncy blow-dry always looks good. Use a large barrel brush to create glamorous volume like Lizzo's style.

Party hairstyles: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's party hairstyle might look avant-garde, but it's surprisingly simple to get a similar look. Just tie your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, loop the ends up towards your crown and secure it with bobby pins.

If you've got a shorter hairstyle, then why not experiment with the placement of hair accessories? I have my eyes set on a twinkling bow.

Party hairstyles: low curly bun with hair slide



A low ponytail or bun always looks elegant when the roots of your hair are slicked-back. I love how ASOS Lesley has finished her look with one of the ultimate party accessories: a pearl hair clip.

Party hairstyles: Beyonce with tumbling curls



When in doubt, some loose curls à la Beyonce is a timeless party hairstyle.

Party hairstyles: low ponytail with wraparound



This low ponytail is a staple time and time again at backstage at fashion week, but it just so happens to make a great party hairstyle too. Simply leave a piece of hair free from your ponytail, wrap it around the base and secure it with clips.

Party hairstyles: 4c type hair with embellished hair clips



Whether it's one clip or several placed through the hair, it makes a great statement on short hair.

For me, there's something about a side-parting that instantly makes the most simple hairstyle look party-ready. Freddie Harrel's looks so amazing with her curly hair.

Party hairstyles: curled ponytail with velvet ribbon



The ultimate French-girl party hairstyle as demonstrated here with a ponytail and a velvet ribbon. Perfection.

Party Hairstyles: Emily Ratajkowski with sleek and shiny bob haircut



Unless you have naturally straight hair, you're likely going to need a pair of GHD stylers to re-create Emily Ratajkowski's sleek lob. It's worth it, though, because that hair is shinier than a disco ball.

I'm head over heels for Laura Harrier's party ponytail: low, tousled and with a few tendrils left loose at the front.

Party hairstyles: Nina Sandbech with bubble ponytail



I love how Nina Sandbech's party hairstyle is so simple yet so effective. Just brush your hair back into a low ponytail and add a few extra hairbands at varying points. Pull the hair out slightly in each section to create a bubble ponytail.

Party hairstyles: Monikh Dale with headband



If you're keeping the rest of your hair simple like Monikh Dale, then a statement headband like this double-height velvet one is the perfect way to create a hairstyle that will still turn heads.

Party hairstyles: ASOS Syana with curly high ponytail



If your hair is curly like ASOS Syana's, then pull a few coils free from a high ponytail to create a majorly glam party look.

J.Lo is the queen of high ponytails, but I love how the flicked-up ends lend this simple style a bit of oomph.

Party hairstyles: Zendaya with expensive-looking bob



Bouncy, shiny and with so much volume, Zendaya's "old money bob" is such a glamorous party look and can be recreated at home with a blow-dry brush.