A Busy, Modern Girl's Dos and Don'ts for Party Dressing

Why do women get so hot and bothered about Christmas party dressing? All you need to do is throw on a showstopping jumpsuit, a sculptural single earring and your new strappy sandals, right? If you want to spend your entire evening in utter discomfort and misery, then yes. You see, normal clothes take on entirely new meanings when the weather’s cold and the booze is flowing. That jumpsuit will be your worst nightmare when you have to spend 10 minutes in a tiny pub cubicle twisting out and then back into it. Oh, and those precious new sandals? One outing to a cocktail bar where the floor is sticky with spilt drinks and they’ll be ruined for good. Sick of being too cold or flashing your knickers?

Read on for our 12 styling tips that will have you acing the party dressing stakes.