32 Parisian Street Style Looks We Fully Intend on Copying in 2019

Astronaut, firefighter, vet… These are all common answers children give when they're asked what they want to be when they grow up. However, if you were to ask me the same question today, I'd give you a different answer: French. Ahh, to be French and born with je ne sais quoi. I know it's a stereotype, but of all the French women I've met in my life (which, working in fashion, is actually quite a lot), they've all had one thing in common: an effortlessly chic sense of style.

By no means are these women part of a cookie-cutter mould, either: Every single one of them dresses in a completely different manner, leading me to conclude that just by being French, you're blessed with sartorial savvy the rest of us can only try to emulate.

And emulate I will, for I've found 35 exceptional Parisian street style looks that I can't wait to try for myself in 2019—and something tells me you'll want to re-create them, too.

From It prints to cool layering techniques, keep scrolling to see the Parisian street style tips and tricks that'll make you feel authentically French

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Opening Image: @thestylestalkercom