Can You Guess What Year These Paris Hilton Photos Were Taken In?

We throw around the term "signature style" a lot here at Who What Wear. We give you tips on how to develop your own and chronicle celebrities' trademark looks. But there's arguably no one better at sticking to their personal aesthetic than Paris Hilton. The icon knows exactly what she likes, and we'll always love her for it.

Given her decades-long penchant for oversized sunglasses, maxi dresses and floppy hats, it may be hard to distinguish between her looks from, say, 2001 and 2018. So we decided to put you to the test and see if you could determine what year these photos were taken. Warning: Answers are written directly underneath each photo, so scroll carefully.

If you got more than half of the answer correct, congratulations. You're officially a Paris Hilton outfit aficionado.

Opening Image: Niceguy/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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