Paris Hilton Just Called Out 2018 Style for Being Boring


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It goes without saying that we’re huge proponents of personal style. While trends will inevitably come and go, there is something so liberating about embracing a sense of style that both speaks to and for you. But recently, with a greater attention to social media and the ever-increasing pace of fast fashion, it can be easy to lose your sartorial sense of self amongst the sea of trends that saturate our screens on a never-ending basis.

We’ve asked before if personal style is dead, and it seems like we’re not the only ones who are wondering. A few days ago, none other than Paris Hilton took to twitter to voice her opinion on the subject. It goes without saying that Hilton undoubtedly has her own sense of style down pat. Regardless of the era, you can find the star donning sparkles, mini dresses, and oversize sunglasses for no reason other than those are the styles she likes—and there’s something so respectable in that.

Perhaps we should all embrace our inner Paris and stop trying to replicate influencers outfits and buying into the latest trends. If we all followed her lead a little and just wore what we liked—whether it’s “in” or not—chances are fashion would get a lot more fun. Not only is the act of dressing more enjoyable when you feel like you truly like what you’re wearing, but it’s also a lot easier to just stick to your gut rather than wonder if something fits the aesthetic you’re going for. To read Paris Hilton’s words of wisdom, and to shop some Hilton-inspired accessories below, keep scrolling.  


A girl's gotta have some bling.

We have a feeling she'd be all for this pink fur.