Here's the New Way Parisian Girls Will Wear Skinny Jeans

Much of the action on the runways of this past month has centered around protest and making a statement via the medium of clothes. That's all well and good (and we're always pleased to see designers and audiences engaged in debate and responding to the world around us), but there's no use in trying to stand up for oneself if the clothes involved aren't practical enough for you to do it. That was the pragmatic—and downright sensible—approach that we have seen coming out of the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week.

Rather than testing women to show their mettle in the most conspicuous ways possible, the Parisian fashion luminaries realise it's about being dressed for the task at hand: Busy lives need standout clothes and accessories that require zero effort. Because fighting the good fight is far easier when your mind isn't on a fiddly, fidgety blouse.

So from the new way to power up your skinny jeans (trust the French to bring back the idea) to the go-everywhere, do-everything dresses that allow you to get up and go, we've rounded up the most impactful—but effortless—trends that Parisian girls (and for that matter, any girl who has better things to do with her time) will love for autumn 2017.

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