5 Trends Coming Out of Paris and Straight Into My Wardrobe

The global fashion elite have packed their (probably enormous) bags one last time in order to spend a week dashing through the streets of Paris for the final stretch of fashion month. NYC has been conquered, London mastered and Milan well and truly blitzed, so now it's the turn of what's arguably the chicest city of them all to play host to autumn's freshest trends.

In Milan, it was all glamour, glamour, glamour—but what else would you have expected? In London, grunge was high up on the agenda, which makes sense for the fashion capital that just loves to be casual. And way back when—at the start of September—New York's streets were chock-full of minimalism in its every possible guise.

So what of the PFW scene so far? For starters, the rain has made it nigh on impossible for anyone to consider wearing their regular summer clothes. That means suiting has come out of hibernation (all checked or tartan), coats are on the menu (albeit lighter-weight ones), there are autumnal alternatives to wear with jeans (hello, new statement-top trend) and colours that inject a little life into the basic, neutral items many of our wardrobes revolve around (scroll to the bottom for that surprise hue).

Keep going through the gallery to see the street style–approved trends coming from Paris Fashion Week and straight into my wardrobe.


You don't have to stop at the leather coat—add snake trousers and some clashing boots for a full embrace of this growing trend.

Vinyl trenches fired up last autumn and show no sign of fizzling out. Go fully weatherproof with matching boots.

So The Matrix was all about black leather, but this season, you can look for the hue that suits your wardrobe.

And if longline isn't your jam, know that black leather blazers are trending.


Sure, tartans aren't classically rendered in hot pink, but how fabulous is this trouser suit? 

Dior's checked pieces have been crazy-popular with the influencer set.

And when in doubt, just throw a checked blazer over it.

Even a monochromatic plaid jacket instantly peps up a sombre autumnal outfit.


The clutch is back, and this time, it's roomy, squishy and basically like a portable pillow.

Tan leather will go with almost anything you could possibly choose to wear.

Designer monogramming can add a little vintage-style twist.

Margiela's cushioned clutch bags also tap into this portable pillow idea. Ideal for travelling, non?


Tight-fitting and yet demure, this wave of mesh tops makes for a good partner to loose-fit jeans.

We've seen vintage versions popping up on the likes of Etsy and eBay. Jean Paul Gaultier made great ones in the '90s.

If you're brave enough, feel free to show your bra.

Swirling colours and kooky patterns have definitely been a signature part of this trend.


Orange velvet and chinos? We didn't know just how good that would be in reality.

It would appear that beige and orange is the new combo du jour.

When it's raining, we don't think anything could be cheerier to wear than an orange jacket.

This hue seamlessly fits into all of those classic brown, nude and cream tones.

Next up, your full A/W 19 trend report from the runways.

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