The Parisian Girl's Guide to Looking Chic When It's Raining

There are plenty of really crazy, super-expensive, attention-grabbing outfits to get sidetracked by at any given fashion week, no matter the city. But Paris Fashion Week is also a thriving street style scene for highly replicable wardrobe ideas too. Thanks to the torrential rain, there's been a raft of looks that you can easily copy, paste, and steal for the week ahead. Because goodness knows it'll probably rain here too.

So rather than the standout "total looks" that can move quickly from the runway and into the closets of, say, Anna Dello Russo, we've delved through the images to bring you a definitive set of ensembles that feel within reach. The kind that celebrate such simple things as the jeans you already own, that trench coat hidden in the back of your wardrobe or the silver boot trend you've probably bought into over the past week. In fact, the high-shine ankle boots are about as wild as this chic bunch get. 

Go through the gallery to see some real outfit inspiration direct from the pavements of Paris…