6 Items the Fashion Crowd Have All Been Wearing in Paris This Week

The word many would use to describe the street style scene outside fashion week is "circus," as it can typically be a parade of attention-seeking outfits. However, this season, the dress code has seemed distinctly more relaxed and sensible (yes, there's still an awful lot of Bottega Veneta and shoes that you'd never wear on the tube), but the street style looks have been more realistic than we typically see in the Tuileries.

Perhaps it's the coronavirus distraction which is forming a backdrop in Paris this year or the fact that sustainability has become a hot topic in fashion offices around the world, making editors and buyers become more conscious of their own shopping habits. This time around, the fashion crowd is taking a more practical approach to street style.

The spring/summer 2020 season has seen a move away from transient trends and a return to timeless basics and sensible purchases. The talk about the waste produced by the industry certainly seems to be impacting how people who work in fashion are getting dressed. White T-shirts, classic trench coats and leather trousers were some of the most-worn items in Paris, which is a distinct shift from 2019's micro handbags that couldn't even house a credit card, let alone a phone. 

What this means is that street style is becoming much more relevant to our own everyday wardrobes and can provide numerous new outfit ideas that won't raise eyebrows in your local coffee shop. Keep scrolling to see and shop the six items that were all over Paris this week. 

1. Tiger Prints

The print taking over Paris was certainly zebra, with numerous animal-print bags and boots. 

2. Trench Coats

The trench is a spring classic and has been the coat of choice in Paris. 

3. White T-Shirt

Most of us will have a white T-shirt in our wardrobes, and in Paris, they were the go-to basic.

4. Chain Bags

Bottega Veneta's next cult accessory was a leather pouch with an oversize chain strap.

5. Leather Trousers



Leather is one of the key trends for spring/summer 2020, and black and olive-hued leather trousers have been a second skin to many showgoers in Paris this week.

6. Boxy Blazer







When it comes to blazers, keep them as boxy as possible with big shoulders and dramatic silhouettes.

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