59 Incredible New Outfit Ideas, Direct From the Streets of Paris

After three weeks of practising hard with their travelling wardrobes, the fashion set is currently in Paris, bringing out the big guns. Paris Fashion Week marks the end of the monthlong show schedule across the four main fashion capitals of the world (see London, New York and Milan here), and it's where stylists, editors, journalists and influencers converge to put on their most showstopping looks (and regroup each night for some vin et pommes frites because that is tradition).

The City of Lights is always the high point when it comes to chic and elegant street style pictures, and our first batch from The Style Stalker has not left us disappointed. There are some truly Parisian outfit ideas in the mix (think black tailoring or wearing a simple jeans-and-blazer combination) and some more unexpected creations too, with jumbo-shouldered jackets and gigantic brown-tinged sunglasses making their presence really known.

The strong-shouldered silhouette, in particular, is one of the micro-trends that has been bubbling away over the course of the past month and now looks set to spark, whilst other pieces are just adding fuel to the already burning trend fire. We've seen plenty of strappy sandals (it's February, but fashion waits for no weatherman), utility jumpsuits and even more shades of beige. Keep scrolling to see the most beautiful PFW ensembles.

Making a seemingly simple black blazer-and-jeans formula look totally offbeat, Blanca Miró's cow-print boots and clashing bag are inspiring.

Trouser suits have been taking over the arrondissements of Paris, and this one on Beatrice Gutu really floored us. Chic.

Richard Quinn's incredible leopard-print opera coat deserves to be photographed in motion—just like it is here.

All-cream everything? Don't mind if we do, and then hashtag ourselves as #ChloeGirls.

Red and pink have been trending in both fashion and beauty circles as a colour combination to wear now. Maria Bernad injects green to keep things unique.

Pleated skirts suddenly seem relevant again, especially when worn with a blazer and boots like Lou Lou here.

Sneakers + suit = our new spring workwear formula.

Shades of beige could look austere, but it's the Dior mini bag and two-tone Celine boots that slice through this pared-back look with a fun attitude.

More suits, more sneaks. Do you get the idea?

You can mix and match your tailored pieces. Not everything has to be part of a set.

The classic Parisienne trio: flats, jeans and a blazer.

White boots have been a constant on the street style circuit this past month—a worthwhile investment, we say.

Bohemian dresses are back, but they're minus the ruffles, prints and regular trappings. Instead, they're raw and simplistic.

Not-quite-baggy jeans worn with heels? It's a look we're seeing pop up on Instagram. Alyssa does it very well here.

Huge jumpsuits require a good waist belt and heels—just like this.

It's those orange-lensed sunglasses again. Does the world look better through them? Perhaps.

Ellie always commits to a look. Here she is being all kinds of dedicated to green. We salute you.

Leather pants have been replacing jeans for many influencers on the scene.

The kind of look that will last a lifetime.

Big YES to this oversized suit cinched in at the waist.

Who'd have thought a paisley headscarf could look so grown-up?

Sometimes the smartest outfits just need a white tee to keep them on the right side of cool.

Peachy tailoring definitely gets our vote for spring.

These jewellery shoes! 

Balancing out pretty rainbow striped with Converse? Clever.

Wide-leg trousers are clearly the silhouette of the fashion elite rn.

Could rope belts be making a comeback? 

Top and tail a neutral skirt with a favourite colour for your jumper and boots, like Pernille.

Who knew split-front flares cold look so chic? Nice move, Monica.

Want to wear your summer dress already? Add a roll-neck underneath.

Okay, if someone doesn't buy me the new Chloé bag soon I'm going to burst.

Susie's eclectic combination of Chloé items has us intrigued.

When in Paris…

Paco Rabanne is the brand every cool girl wants to wear right now.

A tailored jacket with a bohemian dress is a new formula we're enjoying.

Louis Vuitton's classic monogram bags will always have a place in our hearts.

Forget jewellery, headbands are THE accessory du jour.

Pale yellow could well be the new beige—see the proof here.

Blanca's style is always a little bit boho. It's nice to see someone doing their own, more hippy thing.

If you're not yet sold on boxy jackets, the fashion lot are determined to convince you.

Orange has been a breakout colour of the street style circuit. 

Who What Wear's very own Kat Collings looking all kinds of elegant.

If you're tall, super-long cuffs and maxi hemlines are your BFF.


Fancy coats often look coolest with flat shoes and a plain outfit.

Trouser suits have definitely been the most-spotted outfit idea of PFW.

When in doubt, add a blazer to jeans.

The snake-print boots you wore last winter are still looking fresh for 2019.

Prada's pop socks have become the most unexpected It item of the season.

Bettina's decorative dress looks even more alluring with the white blouse underneath.

Black leather is shaping up on the A/W 19 runways to be a big trend.

The woman I want to dress like: Natasha Goldenberg.

Queen of minimalism Alex Carl looks understated and classic in this combination.

Trust Emili Sindlev to bring the Barbie-style fun to Paris.

Not everyone's wearing neutrals—this hot pink look is extraordinary.

All the beige in every texture = the dream.

Platforms are trending once more, and Eva Chen uses them wisely with wide-leg super-long trousers.

Another day, another cracking outfit from Lisa Aiken.

White jeans are going to  be big news for summer 2019, but you can start wearing yours right away.

Next up, our payday shopping picks.


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