59 Incredible New Outfit Ideas, Direct From the Streets of Paris

After three weeks of practising hard with their travelling wardrobes, the fashion set is currently in Paris, bringing out the big guns. Paris Fashion Week marks the end of the monthlong show schedule across the four main fashion capitals of the world (see London, New York and Milan here), and it's where stylists, editors, journalists and influencers converge to put on their most showstopping looks (and regroup each night for some vin et pommes frites because that is tradition).

The City of Lights is always the high point when it comes to chic and elegant street style pictures, and our first batch from The Style Stalker has not left us disappointed. There are some truly Parisian outfit ideas in the mix (think black tailoring or wearing a simple jeans-and-blazer combination) and some more unexpected creations too, with jumbo-shouldered jackets and gigantic brown-tinged sunglasses making their presence really known.

The strong-shouldered silhouette, in particular, is one of the micro-trends that has been bubbling away over the course of the past month and now looks set to spark, whilst other pieces are just adding fuel to the already burning trend fire. We've seen plenty of strappy sandals (it's February, but fashion waits for no weatherman), utility jumpsuits and even more shades of beige. Keep scrolling to see the most beautiful PFW ensembles.