The Trouser Trend Fashion People Are Suddenly Wearing Instead of Jeans

If fashion trends move in cycles of 20 years, then the return of the parachute trouser is right on schedule. A mainstay in the wardrobe of anyone who was anyone throughout the late '90s and early '00s, parachute trousers have since ebbed in popularity after their epic heyday… that is, until recently.

Parachute pants trend: Bella Hadid wearing parachute trousers



When Bella Hadid wore a pair of voluminous parachute trousers out and about, we couldn't help but soften our stance on the style. Then, Jennifer Lopez followed suit, wearing a denim pair when running errands earlier this year, and we were convinced.

Parachute pants trend: Jennifer Lopez wears denim parachute trousers



Now that the parachute-pants ball is rolling, celebrities are styling the loose, barrel-leg trousers for casual jaunts and red carpets alike. Just this week, queen of street style Emily Ratajkowski wore a khaki pair to walk her dog in New York. Never one to pass up a Y2K moment, the model and podcaster wore her billowy trousers on the hip with a bedazzled baby tee and trucker hat for a look drenched innoughties nostalgia.

Parachute pants trend: Emily Ratajkowski wore a baby tee with her parachute pants.



Of course, you can do it like EmRata and lean all in to noughties style, but it you'd rather channel something a little more current, read on for our guide to styling parachute pants in 2023.

1. Layer It On

Parachute pants trend worn by @by.regiina



Parachute pants add a lot of volume, but we say lean right in and stack on the layers. Clever layering with variations in fabric and length can freshen the feel of parachute pants whilst adding dimension to your look.

2. Experiment With What You Have

If you're stuck for inspiration, sift through your wardrobe and grab your favourite button-down shirt. When worn with relaxed accessories and an oversized shirt, billowy parachute pants make for the perfect weekend outfit.

3. Go Sporty

@jullie.jeine channels a sporty look.



It can be tricky to style a parachute trousers with a sporty top, without entering into Sporty Spice territory. However, the casual shape of the trousers lends itself well to an athleisure look. Keep an eye out for a sporty jacket in a similar colour for a polished ensemble.

5. Big Trousers, Little Top

@rubylyn_ wears parachute pants with a denim top.



EmRata was on to something when she wore her larger-than-life cargo parachute pants with a baby tee. For a 2023 take, opt for micro top with more structure.

4. Try Tonal

Iris Law styles parachute pants.



Take inspiration from Iris Law and style with a tonal look by finding a top in the same shade as your trousers.

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