The Coolest Shoe Colour to Wear Now—and How to Style It

Heads-up: There's a shoe hue we spot on stylish women almost as often as we do the classic neutrals as of late, and it's particularly eye-catching when paired with a summer wardrobe. So many brands have released shoes in this shade this season that we can hardly choose (which may be why this editor owns six pairs). Any guesses? If you guessed pale pink or blush, you're correct! The soft shade lends a feminine feel to even menswear-inspired shoe styles, and it's a bit more unexpected than, say, nude or camel.

If you're stumped as to how to wear the shoes in the most directional (non-girlish) way, we looked to a handful of fashionable women to show how to pull them off, and it's easier than you might think. While some choose to wear them with neutral tones, you may be surprised to hear that just as many choose to wear them with similar shades of pink to create a cool monochromatic look, or with prints that include pink.

To see how easy pale pink shoes are to wear for yourself, check out examples below, and shop a slew of our favourite styles!