9 Fashion Week-Approved Ways to Style Your Shirt

The looks that bubble up from the street style photo wires are a great barometer of what's going on in the current consciousness of the fashion industry. As such, the show begins before the catwalk illuminates! This season the message was to rail against expectations and go your own way. At New York Fashion Week S/S 16, GLAMOUR UK Fashion Director, Natalie Hartley stepped out with her J.W. Anderson blue shirt on backwards and almost entirely unbuttoned. And so, a trend began; backwards is now the way forward!

As to be expected, many Fashion Week attendees also wore a blue shirt or a trusty denim shirt and made it their own via a knot or half-way tuck. Scroll down to see the many ways to style this wardrobe staple, inspired by the latest crop of street style stars and shop some of our picks below...

Natasha Hartley at New York Fashion Week S/S 16.

On Hartley: J.W. Anderson shirt; Levi's 501 jeans; Louis Vuitton bag; Celine shoes.

Switch your shirt the other way around, open a few buttons and roll-up the sleeves—hey, presto! 

A model off-duty at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

Take your outfit on a blast to the past by tying your shirt in a loose knot and roll up those sleeves. Perfection.

3: The Half-Tuck


Christian Vierig/Getty

A model off-duty at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

Take the front of your shirt and loosely fold the front of it into your jeans and let the rest billow for effortless cool.

4: The Button-Show Tuck


Christian Vierig/Getty

Natasha Goldenberg at at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

Neatly tuck the front of your shirt into your jeans (zero belt for total minimalism) and let the back of your top completely hang-out for an asymmetric look. The finishing touch? Cuffs back.

5: The Collar Flip


Vanni Bassetti/Getty

Caroline Issa at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

On Issa: Loewe belt.

Conform with a complete tucked-in shirt and then open out the top of the shirt, tilt it backwards from your collarbone to create an off-the-shoulder style. The collar should hang behind your shoulders. Tricky.

Aymeline Valade at the Dior S/S 16 show.

Let the shirt be free to elongate your torso. Un-done bottom button—optional.

7: The Backwards Dip


Christian Vierig/Getty

Helena Bordon at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

On Bordon: Zara shirt; Costume National bag; Fausto Puglis skirt; Alexandra Birman shoes.

Dress down a playful mini skirt with a half-in, half-out Oxford shirt that dips at the back.

Caroline Daur at Paris Fashion Week S/S 16.

On Daur: Zara shirt, bag and shoes; Elisabetta Frank jumper; Holly Ghost coat.

Play peek-a-boo with your blue top by layering it underneath a light-weight knit.

9: The Clean Tuck & Tug


Christian Vierig/Getty

J.J Martin at Milan Fashion Week S/S 16.

Tuck your natty shirt neatly into a tight pencil skirt and gently pull out a little fabric for some movement. It's an oldy but a goodie.


Which styling trick will you go for? Let us know in the comments below and if you're a fashion blogger, do share your link below and we'll check out your blog!