The 8 Best and Chicest Travel Outfits for Long Flights

Best Outfit for Long Flights



Holidays have definitely been interrupted the past few years. But with the world back to normal (or as normal as it can be) we're gearing up for another holiday season. Whether you're taking a quick trip to a nearby destination, or spending half the day on a plane to visit a far-flung paradise, it's important to have a good travel outfit

The art of crafting an outfit for a long flight is exactly that—an art. Obviously, comfort is priority number one given that you could very well be sitting for 10, maybe even 20 hours, depending on where you're heading. There's also utility to keep in mind. We love to travel with a crossbody bag or XL tote for this exact reason—not to mention packing space and, of course, style. Sure, you could wear pyjamas (preferably the fancy, feathered kind) to the airport, but with so many designers transitioning to a more comfort-driven aesthetic during the pandemic, there are now plenty of fashion-approved alternatives that look elevated and are as soft and comfortable as your go-to sleepwear.

To ensure that your in-flight experience is on par with your destination, we found eight outfits that are sure to have you looking and feeling fresh, despite the 10-plus-hour flight time, and we called on two frequent flyers for their tried-and-true tips as well. Keep scrolling to find out more. 

Ribbed Knit + Matching Ribbed Pants + Belt Bag

According to Nana Agyemang, the CEO of EveryStylishGirl and a social media editor who usually travels long-distance once a month, a comfortable set is a must for in-flight comfort. "Comfort is my top priority [when I fly], so I try to pick clothes that don't restrict me and give me freedom and space to move," Agyemang says. 

Even more crucial, though, is a belt bag, which Agyemang considers to be the ultimate travel companion: "They fit so much in them, and since mine is literally attached to my hip, it's easily accessible."

This utility style belt has a compartment for just about anything. 

Wool Coat + Sweatshirt + Wide-Leg Joggers

Influencer and regular traveller Alyssa Coscarelli says to let your top layer act as both your style enhancer and an extra carry-on. According to her, a pocket-rich coat lets you sneak in stuff that doesn't fit in your bag, and it doubles as an extra pillow. Win-win. 

The 365 style comes in various colours and cuts meaning there's something for all styles. 

Plus, Pangaia uses recycled and organic cotton. 

The cut of this jacket is so timeless. 

Plissé Top + Plissé Trousers + Retro Trainers

Agyemang is adamant about not wearing jeans or heels on long flights. "They're so restrictive and painful in my opinion," she says. Try something like this plissé set on Amaka Hamelijnck paired with retro New Balance trainers—Agyemang's go-to brand—instead.  

We're inspired by Amaka's full green look. 

These Y2K frames are much loved by stylish people including Bella Hadid and Sara Crampton. 

Crew-Neck Sweatshirt + Matching Joggers + Oversized Blazer + Trendy Bag 

"Since I often prioritise comfort over style with the outfit, I like to accessorise with a cute, trendier bag if I can," Coscarelli says. This red Coperni bag Megan Adelaide's wearing is a perfect example of this travel style hack playing out IRL.

The relaxed fit gives ultimate comfort for long or short-haul flights. 

This tailored piece goes with everything. Tracksuits, dresses or tailored trousers. Take your pick. 

Look to Coperni for sculptural and innovative design. 

Hoodie + Leggings + Big Bag

Best Outfit for Long Flights



Crew-necks are great and all, but according to Coscarelli, the real in-flight must-have is a sweatshirt with a hood: "I always need a hood—it doubles as an eye mask when you need to sleep on a long flight. Plus, it's just extra cosy." 

A hood can make up for forgetting a scarf on a chilly plane. 

An oversized bag is essential for moving around pieces from over-weight checked luggage. 

Long-Sleeved Maxi Dress + Trench Coat + Trainers

Best Outfit for Long Flights



Don't be afraid to wear a dress on the plane. In fact, if that's more aligned with your style and comfort zone, you should wear one. If you do, though, pick something that's soft, stretchy, and void of any annoying itchy labels

I'm choosing a knit style as plane's are often chilly. 

Mix your classic pieces with bold accessories like these Nike floral wonders. 

Turtleneck + Quilted Jacket + Tracksuit Bottoms

Since you never know what the in-flight temperature might be on your plane, layering can make or break your travel experience. Freezing for 13 hours is rubbish but so is sweating the entire time. "I like to wear layers so that I'm bundled up when I need to be but can peel off the layers if it gets warm," Coscarelli says. 

This is a great layering piece for cool flights, or if you don't need it just roll up for a makeshift pillow. 

With popper sides you can create a side slit if you get too warm. 

A classic piece that will always be in style. 

Oversized T-Shirt + Lightweight Chinos + Compression Socks + Sporty Trainers

Best Outfit for Long Flights



"I'm addicted to compression socks," says Coscarelli, who notes that they've helped her deal with discomfort, swelling, and bad circulation during long flights. *Buys compression socks.*

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