I'm 55 and a Former Fashion Buyer—These Pieces Will Help Make a Perfect Outfit

If it’s easy and elevated outfit ideas you're looking for, Susie Wright always has options. With decades of fashion experience under her belt, the 55-year-old stylist and former Nordstrom buyer certainly knows her stuff. While the year you were born should have absolutely nothing do with your sartorial choices, her more seasoned perspective is often of interest for women of all ages. And with many of us on a perpetual quest for the perfect outfit, we thought her insight into the specific items she has found to create them would be of great benefit to us all.

Of course, everyone's version of the perfect outfit varies based on personal style, but to Wright, it’s the key items below that help craft her ideal ensembles, especially when they're mixed with other basics. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to check out a range of staples Wright relies on for her day to day wardrobe, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.

Classic Coat

"A slightly oversize, longer wool coat seriously updates every outfit you own—this one by Topshop is a great option."—Wright 

White Sneakers

"Probably the number one most worn item in my closet! Stylish and comfy, you can wear white sneakers with everything from jeans to jumpsuits to knit dresses. So easy!" 



"A knitted dress is a bit more elevated than your typical denim outfits. Pair with trainers for a casual vibe, or throw on a blazer for a more polished look." 

Utility Jacket

"This isn’t necessarily a new item, but it deserves a re-visit. It literally works with every single item in your closet to make the perfect, casual outfit."

"White outerwear has been all over Instagram lately, and I can see why. They’re such a refreshing alternative to all our black coats! Chic, cosy and bright."


Silk Shirt

"I know it sounds kind of boring, but it’s one piece everyone could consider owning. It’s an effortless way to get a bit more dressed up." 

Classic Accessories

"This trilogy of accessories—a stylish handbag, cool sunglasses, and classic jewellery—is the finishing touch to every outfit. I wear this combo with everything, no matter how casual … even workout clothes!" 

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