25 Genius Outfit Ideas to Wear Ahead of the Pack

When it comes to the best outfits in 2020, what will we see? The runway shows offer some insight, but the looks fashion insiders are wearing do as well. If you’re looking to get a head start on trends for the New Year, you’ll want to pay attention to exactly what influencers are wearing right now.

Ahead, I’m highlighting some of their genius outfit formulas that are sure to carry over to 2020. From unexpected combos like blazers and tights and clashing colours that somehow work to head-to-toe neutrals and boots paired with dresses, these are the fashion-forward looks that are sure to define fashion long well into next year. Here, find inspiration for how to dress next season and pick up on some styling tricks to pull off the looks. 

Breathe new life into your blazers by pairing them with white tights and heels.

Outfit ideas for 2020: color



Layer bold colours on top of one another.

Outfit ideas for 2020: tonal layering



Tonal layering is the foolproof outfit trick that will never go out of style.

Outfit ideas for 2020: trench coats



Swap out a regular trench coat for a leather version.

Outfit ideas for 2020: color on color



When it comes to loud colours, the more the better.

Outfit ideas for 2020: dresses with boots



Lug sole boots look seriously cool when paired with dresses.

Outfit ideas for 2020: open-front shirting



The best way to wear button-down tops? Buttoned only part of the way and left half-way open.

Wear a long jacket in place of a dress.

Outfit ideas for 2020: cozy outerwear



Really embrace cosy outerwear to survive the cold winter months.

Outfit ideas for 2020: knitwear



Wear a head-to-toe knitwear look.

Outfit ideas for 2020: mixed prints



Mix unexpected prints like checks and florals.

Outfit ideas for 2020: shades of white



Pair different shades of white together for a dynamic tonal look.

Clashing prints have never looked so cool.

Outfit ideas for 2020: knee-high boots



Grab your miniskirts and wear them with knee-high boots.

Outfit ideas for 2020: leather coat



Simple and classic. This look will always be in style.

Make a suit feel modern by wearing it with sneakers.

Outfit ideas for 2020: denim



There's simply nothing better than a pair of straight-leg jeans worn with a black top and heels.

Outfit ideas for 2020 with hats



Need some inspiration for how to pull off a statement hat? Look no further.

Faux fur will continue to be huge in 2020, especially in electric shades.

Learn to embrace vibrant colour.

Match the colour of your coat to your bag.

Two-tone outerwear is about to be huge.



Wear a belt bag to cinch a puffer coat.

Now, this is definitely the coolest way to wear your tracksuit.

Add a pop of red to brown tones.

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends you need to know. 

This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.