What You Should Wear Tomorrow, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Here’s a question for you: Is it possible to be a millennial or Gen Z’er and not be acutely aware of what your zodiac sign really means for your life? Even if your day-to-day doesn’t always align with your monthly horoscope, chances are you identify with your zodiac sign’s personality traits. While we don’t exactly know how your birthday could dictate things like your personality and tastes, one thing we do know is how weirdly accurate it all is.

With that in mind, we set out to create an outfit idea for every sign in the zodiac because let’s face it: Sometimes we want to be told what to wear. Sun and moon cycles aside, think of the following outfit ideas as the sartorial manifestation of each sign’s personality. This is what you’d wear every day if you could.

Never one to shy away from colour, you let your creative and fun-loving personality shine through what you wear, which means that colourful prints and glamorous accessories are what you do best.

Your free-spirited nature and go-with-the-flow attitude are what naturally draw others to you. Soft, flowing textures and beautiful gem tones are ideal for this water sign.

There’s nothing subtle about you, Aries. Your bold, confident personality commands attention, and so does your wardrobe. Try out sleek silhouettes and tonal dressing for maximum impact, and keep your accessories minimal.

You’re focused, grounded and pragmatic, Taurus, which means you need a wardrobe that doubles as functional and stylish. Enter elevated classics like quality trousers and kitten heels you can actually walk all day in. Opt for investment pieces you’ll wear for years to come.

You don’t have a signature style to claim, but that’s what makes getting dressed so much fun for you, Gemini. Every day is different, and you might go from streamlined and polished one day to colourful and flirty the next. It all depends on your mood.

With an eye for clean lines and timeless pieces, there’s never a moment you don’t appear elegant and elevated, Cancer. Let your innate sophistication influence your style no matter the occasion. As they say, you’ll never be overdressed.

You bring an infectious energy with you wherever you go, so translate that vibe into an outfit that’s just as exuberant as you are. Colour-blocking, especially with vibrant, saturated hues, is a style challenge you can take on easily, Leo.

You love the classics, and who could blame you? You’re the loyal kind—loyal to tailored pieces and to a set colour in your wardrobe. Find fresh ways to combine the pieces you know and love.

Balance is the name of the game, Libra. You like your classics with a twist. Take this year’s suiting trend, for instance, and put your own spin on it via luxe textures like patent leather and silk.

Be sure to grab the matching Checked Trousers (£40) as well.

You have a signature outfit, and you’re unwavering when it comes to mixing things up. In other words, you’re one of the most reliable signs of the zodiac. Pick one colour or look and stick to it. This is what you do best.



The Style Stalker

Ever the dreamer, a Sagittarius is always imagining being elsewhere—your next trip, the last great book you read. Your style is as fun-loving as you are (think bright colours and whimsical prints) but needs to be easygoing enough to keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle (think flowing skirts and block heels).



Collage Vintage

“Simple” and “sophisticated” are the only words that can describe the style of a Capricorn. With a wardrobe full of quality basics, it’s impossible not to look (and feel) your best at all times. Keep evolving your style by adding in basics with a twist, such as jeans with a heavily frayed edge.

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