6 Easy But Brilliant Outfits That Will Help You Outsmart This In-Between Period

It's that in-between time of year when none of us knows what to wear, right? So we thought we’d help out by finding some fresh outfit inspiration for everyone. Because, let's face it, as delightful as summer dressing can be, it’s nice to start assembling outfits with a little more substance. And by substance, we mean layering. Handily, fresh new-season pieces are dropping in everywhere now it's approaching autumn, and by the looks of some of our favourite Instagram accounts, there's plenty to be excited about. 

We scrolled and scrolled and found six outfits that stood out in particular, from some Parisian minimalism to cheerful brights. They’re easy to copy and include many pieces you probably already own, yet something about the combinations feels fresh and inspired. Keep scrolling to see if you agree, and shop the pieces you may need to fill any gaps in your wardrobes before autumn/winter truly sets in. 

1. Cardigan + Pleated Miniskirt

Outfit Ideas 2022



Style Notes: The matching of the cardigan to the accessories here makes a basic outfit something really special. 


Is there anything more luxurious than a cashmere cardigan? 

Preppy is a major mood this season, and a pleated miniskirt is the ideal way to channel it. 

M&S’s best-selling ballet flats also come in this pretty blush hue. 

2. Ribbed Knit + Long Denim Shorts

Style Notes: Imani has just convinced us to try longer denim shorts as we ease into autumn, finishing with a knit to keep the chill away. 


Try pairing these shorts with sheer tights when temperatures drop. 

This dreamy tote also comes in classic black and beige. 

3. Cardigan + Jeans + Loafers

Style Notes: So simple but just so good. The contrasting cream edging on this Saint Laurent cardigan screams Parisian chic. 


Our editors really rate these high-street jeans. 

Gucci’s horsebit loafers are forever classics. 

4. Maxi Dress + Layered Necklaces

Outfit Ideas 2022



Style Notes: A long-sleeve maxi dress is great for transitioning into autumn, and it's a bonus that this season, longer hem lengths are top of the agenda. We love how Franny elevates hers with some layered necklaces here. 


I’m into the collar and ruffles on this maxi. 

Choker lengths allow for more layering possibilities with other necklaces. 

5. Relaxed Suit + Converse + White Bag

Outfit Ideas 2022



Style Notes: Filippa shows us how to make a suit work on weekends. The addition of the casual black Converse and fresh white bag is inspired. 


H&M does the best affordable blazers, no arguments. 

Fashion people have been showing their Converse high-tops some serious love lately. 

Chanel is even more appealing second-hand. 

6. Minidress + Knee Boots

Outfit Ideas 2022



Style Notes: Minidresses needn’t be reserved for summer. Take your favourite, and pair it with some knee boots. If you need, you can always add a pair of sheer tights to warm things up. 


This dress has been on my wish list for so long. 

I'm stocking up on these for the season ahead. 

When it comes to white boots, look for cream or ecru shades, as they always look more expensive than pure white tones. 

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