These 73 Simple Outfits Make for Satisfying Scrolling

Over the last couple of years, it's safe to say my style has been built solely on comfort. Working from home more often has meant leaving the house less, even after the lockdowns were lifted. Living in Scotland and being the sort of person who feels the chill in even the slightest of summer breezes means that when I do venture out, I often have to wrap up and make practicality a priority. Aside from the odd dress or skirt-and-jumper combination, I've spent more time than I'd like to admit in joggers—and not fancy ones at that. Comfortable they may be, but wearing them day in and day out made me feel as if I'd lost my sense of style.

While I've grown fond of them and will probably still turn to them on particularly chilly days, I've decided that in 2022, I'm vowing to be more experimental with my outfits. To equip me with all the style inspiration I need, I've started archiving some of my favourite outfits ideas I spot as I scroll on Instagram. So good are the ensembles I found I decided to share them with you, too—you can thank me later.

Below, you'll find an edit of the 73 outfit ideas I intend on copying. Keep scrolling to see them all.

Abisola wearing pink top with trench coat and baggy jeans



Baggy jeans are back, and I'm being swayed by Abisola's pair with a popping pink top and trench. Dreamy. 

For chillier days when you still need layers, make them spring-ready by going for tonal shades. 

The maxi skirt is back, and I'm excited. Style it with a leather bomber to make it feel fresh. 

There's no doubt about it, double denim is back. Avoid Britney-and-Justin-circa-2001 territory by opting for fuss-free separates. 

If you're going to try out the micro mini trend for spring/summer, this is how to do it. 

Wearing full Bottega blue, Lauren makes a case for the cropped blazer, and I fully approve. 

There's no way I'm packing away my beloved striped polo sweater for spring. Instead, I'll be copying Francesca and styling with spring essentials. 

Anything lime green gets a yes from me this season. Make your jackets and cardigans work for warmer days by wearing them with a skirt.

For warm-weather days (or spring vacays), we can all rely on the floral maxi dress once again.

Emmanuelle wearing cream outfit with knee-high boots



Why pack your knee-high boots away when you can add them to a skirt co-ord for a '60s vibe?

Spring Outfit Ideas: @dawn.tan



Wearing a waistcoat as a top is very spring 2022. Go matchy-matchy in the trouser department to complete the look. 

This Never Fully Dressed two-piece is following me on Instagram. 

Outfit Ideas: @dawn.tan



Printed trousers make for a playful way to get dressed in the morning. 

Outfit Ideas: @palomija



Paloma gives her chic skirt-and-vest-top outfit an edge with the addition of a scarf. 

Outfit Ideas: @vbiancav



Corduroy makes an easy switch for denim and looks particularly pretty in a pink hue. 

Outfit Ideas: @emmanuellek_



This ensemble is considerably sleeker than the loungewear I've been sporting.

This colour combination is one of the most calming imaginable. Gorgeous. 

Outfit Ideas: @leiasfez



Who'd have thought that a zip-up knit, leggings and New Balance kicks could look so chic?

Freddie gives her pastel suit a cool clash with the addition of a mint shirt. 

Outfit Ideas: @sabinasocol



I don't know what I love more—Sabina's cropped cardigan or her glittery sandals. 

Outfit Ideas: @aude_julie



Tie-dye tops are still cute, especially second-skin long-sleeve versions. Just add a bucket hat and chunky kicks to complete the '90s homage. 

Outfit Ideas: @himichelleli



Note to self: Must find a printed-trouser-and-matching-top set to wear with trainers, just like Michelle. 

Outfit Ideas: @_jessicaskye



Wide-leg trousers make for comfortable at-home attire, especially when paired with a super-soft knit. 

Outfit Ideas: @monikh



Monikh's tailored joggers put my aforementioned slouchies to shame. 

Outfit Ideas: @msorrig



It's all too tempting to tuck in your shirting, but I'll be leaving it out and over for a fresher silhouette. 

Dungarees have never looked so cute as they do with a pastel knit worn underneath. 

Outfit Ideas: @mon.agar



I love how Monique adds extra '90s appeal to her skirt suit with a shoulder bag and wide headband. 

Outfit Ideas: @jeannedamas



Jeanne's combination of a slip skirt, silk camisole and short-sleeve cardigan is simple but brilliant. 

Outfit Ideas: @thatsaleaf



A sheer midi dress, beaded bag and mule sandals make for chic spring wedding attire. 

Outfit Ideas: @nicoleocran



I must remember there's more to animal print than leopard motifs. Cue zebra and tiger. 

Souped-up leather skirts look their best paired with a basic jersey top and minimal accessories.

Natasha's oversize-blazer-and-denim-shorts combination strikes the perfect high/low balance. 

Outfit Ideas: @modestmira_



I'm always tentative about wearing slip dresses, but Mira's look has convinced me to finally try the trend. 

Outfit Ideas: @greceghanem



Wearing one shade top to toe is the ultimate fashion-girl trick to achieving a chic outfit. 

Outfit Ideas: @calliethorpe



Callie's combination of stripes and leopard print is inspired. 

Denim and flares will always be a good idea, particularly with white shoes. 

Outfit Ideas: @ruerodier



If you're on the fence like I am about shorts, wear them with a blazer and strappy sandals for instant elegance. 

Lorna's retro knit and checked trousers are off-duty perfection. 

I've invested heavily in cardigans, but I've yet to try styling a long one with leather strides. 

Outfit Ideas: @nnennaechem



I'll be investing in a statement coat in a spring hue like Nnenna's for the cooler days. 

Outfit Ideas: @emilisindlev



Emili's jumper-and-shirt duo might not be a new look to try, but her cropped knit and oversized shirt make it feel fresh. 

Two words: pink leather. 

Outfit Ideas: @monikh



Like Monikh, I've also invested heavily in the puff-sleeve top trend. Thanks to this look, I'll now only be wearing them with denim and thong sandals. 

Outfit Ideas: @lenafarl



Simple to replicate, ingenious to come up with in the first place. Kudos, Léna. 

Outfit Ideas: @lefevrediary



My love of knitted co-ords knows no bounds. 

Feathers are perfectly acceptable to wear 24/7. 

Outfit Ideas: @em_tong



Belted cardigans are my spring vice.  

Transition into the new season with classic outerwear worn over a bright dress. 

Outfit Ideas: @tineandreaa



The boilersuit is reigning supreme right now. Look for a bright hue for a cool update. 

Outfit Ideas: @styleheroine



It might seem daring, but white tights can look incredibly cool, as Evangelie proves. 

Outfit Ideas: @ada_oguntodu



I know I'll be wearing Ada's colour combination of pistachio, ecru and tan all year. 

Anne proves the skirt suit is still very relevant, and I fully intend on wearing my old two-piece with platform boots also. 

Outfit Ideas: @chrissyford



A prime example of how to wear jeans and a nice top. 

A belted blazer is a better blazer.

Outfit Ideas: @lindatol_



If you're anything like me, you'll also consider adding sheer black tights to this ensemble for extra warmth. 

I'm dreaming of the day I can step out in Chloé's chic combination of a knitted-skirt co-ord and mules. 

Naturally, Jeanette is right ahead of spring's slouchy-jeans trend, which I want to wear with a knitted two-piece too. 

Vinyl and knitwear make for a chic texture clash. 

Outfit Ideas: @asos_lotte



Something tells me I'm going to have a serious thing for lilac hues come spring. 



María's schoolish combination of a checked skirt, chunky cardigan and Mary Jane shoes is very 2022 and something I want to emulate ASAP. 

Outfit Ideas: @ch.phr8ph



I have a green jumper just like this, which it never occurred to me to wear with white jeans before. 

Yellow and orange are two of spring/summer 2022's biggest colour trends, as Ellie already knows. 

I've long worn berets, but never before have I thought of matching a bright style to my jumper. Thanks for the tip, Charlotte. Puppy not included (sadly).

I'm obsessed with furry-trimmed outerwear, but I worry it borderlines on being too twee. Imani solves that problem with the addition of her sleek black jersey dress. 

Emma Rose Thatcher has just reminded me of my favourite combination—a printed blazer and backless mules. 

On paper, tie-dye and leopard print shouldn't work, but as Kelly proves, they truly go hand in hand. 

Outfit Ideas: @erica_davies



Basket bag, check. Sunseeker dress, check. Strappy sandals, check. Armful of flowers, check! Erica's look is everything I want to wear this spring. 

Outfit Ideas: @claire_most



Probably the coolest example of how to style leather trousers that I've seen. 

Outfit Ideas: @florriet



Florrie makes her printed dress look vintage by adding a simple tan belt and bright suede bag into the equation. 

Only Caitlin could make me pine for yellow trousers. 

Outfit Ideas: @heartzeena



Beaded bags and gingham dresses are the prettiest combination going. Fact. 

A boilersuit and bright wraparound sandals will always look the epitome of cool. 

Knitted tops might not sound sexy, but Katherine's halter number proves otherwise. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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