8 Outdated Summer Accessories and 8 That Are So Trendy

With the ebb and flow of the trend cycle comes an accumulation of items that increase or decrease in popularity each season. Of course, though, you should always wear whatever you love, regardless of what's deemed as trendy by some. That said, if you are looking for a bit of summer shopping inspiration, we thought we'd share some of the items we're currently loving and also putting aside for now. Oh, and we wanted to focus on accessories specifically. Hey, those special add-ons can really take any wardrobe to that next level.

A few members of our fashion team gave insights into the outdated summer accessories they're personally not into and also offered up feedback on the trendy pieces they're going to be wearing instead. As a preview, there's everything from a statement-making jewelry trend to a fresh sunglasses look coming your way.

Keep scrolling for more, including a range of summer shopping recommendations as well.

Wearing: Retro Aviators
Not Wearing as Much: Cat-Eye Sunglasses

"Although I'll still be keeping a pair or two on hand, as they are a classic, cat-eye sunglasses seem to be cooling off for now, so I won't be wearing them as much this summer. It's retro aviators I'm looking to instead, especially those with colored lenses that will make all my outfits pop."

Wearing: Baseball Hats
Not Wearing as Much: Barrettes

"Maybe it's because I'm closer to 40 than 30, but the trend of wearing cutesy barrettes has peaked for me. A trend that I'm definitely not over, even though it's been around for a minute, is baseball caps. I think they look good on everyone. Most importantly, they shield your face from the sun."

"While I've always loved the idea of tie-up sandals and even newer trends like tricky toes, I know for a fact that as I begin to go out more, my feet will not be able to handle any uncomfortable shoe trend. So this summer, I've decided I'll be embracing simpler trends like thong sandals and mules. They give the same intricate statement shoe detailing without the pain."

Wearing: Belly Chains
Not Wearing as Much: Midi Rings

"Midi rings have been put on (likely permanent) hiatus for me. Instead, I've been thinking of getting my 'alternative' jewelry fix with belly chains."

"While I still love my nylon belt bag for its utility, I don't plan on buying any new styles in the name of trends—for now. On the other hand, I can't get enough of vintage-inspired shoulder bags at the moment and for the foreseeable future."

Wearing: Flatform Sandals
Not Wearing as Much: Older Slides

"This summer, I can't get enough of the cool flatform sandals that have popped up everywhere. They're just as comfortable as the pool slides that were huge a few years back but feel a bit more polished and intentional."

Wearing: Modern Pearl Jewelry
Not Wearing as Much: Chunky Jewelry

"While I've loved chunky-chain jewelry for so long (and they'll never disappear from my jewelry box entirely), I'm definitely favoring modern and cool pearl jewelry this summer, especially when mixed with other metals, delicate chains, or crafty beads."

"Tiny sunglasses were a trend I should have never tried, so I am grateful they are finally on the fritz. Instead, I'm leaning into larger retro frames."

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