TikTokers Say This Sandal Style Is Out—Here's What I Wear Instead

Not to sound like a belligerent old bore, but I'm getting a bit tired of social media movements that decree something in fashion or beauty to be "over" or "out." It strikes me as ironic that the democratisation of fashion can lead to less individuality rather than more. In the latest installment of things TikTokers don't like is an unassuming and really quite practical pair of sandals that I'm sure 95% of you will own. I have some. Most of my friends have a pair. Pretty sure my mum does too. And perhaps that's the problem. A simple pair of two-strap sandals (you know the kind with a block heel, a front strap and an ankle strap) are supposedly naff and—worst burn of all—cheugy.

There's no denying that the simple shoes—popularised around 2017 by the likes of Sam Edelman's Yaro style and particularly prevalent in nude colours—has become saturated in the market in the past couple of years. Following a wave of extreme platforms and overly fussy heels, the late 2010s served up a more manageable option during a time when everyone in fashion still hadn't quite come to terms with wearing flats (!) and celebrities, royals, editors and early influencers alike were all keen. 

outdated sandal style


Getty Images

Kate Middleton wearing nude two-strap sandals in 2018.

Two-straps (so long as they're not in patent leather) are easy to wear and walk in, and in the right colour, they go seamlessly with a variety of outfits. Even as a self-confessed fancy-shoe lover who adores a new trend, I can appreciate their timeless value. Unlike their super-strappy or lace-up heeled counterparts, they can be a bit more comfortable to wear for longer stretches of time, and an ankle fastening makes them far event-friendlier—you can last a whole night dancing in a pair of two-strap, block-heeled sandals, and the same couldn't be said for a pointed pair of stiletto mules.

outdated sandal style


The Style Stalker

Simple two-strap sandals on the streets of fashion week.

Most trends do experience a tipping point where they gradually lose their "cool" thanks to omnipresence, but others—say, mom jeans or shearling jackets—can cross the rubicon, becoming classic enough in their own right to stand the test of time. I would say that a simple two-strap sandal still does the trick for many outfit-building moments in life, but should you be looking for something with a fresher aesthetic for 2022, keep on scrolling for options.


A slimmer heel does admittedly feel more current.

It's the colour and toe-detail that make these more current.

A slip-on iteration (instead of an ankle strap) can provide a new point of difference.

I guarantee you a gold pair of heeled sandals will work for every wedding, party and event going.

Princess shoes I can get on board with because they're subtle.

Wide fits can be hard to come by in any heeled sandal style—ASOS has some good solutions.

I have a couple of pairs of red sandals, and they go with a surprising volume of outfits.

Pair some metallic shoes with jeans for an instant outfit pep.

Quirky platforms are coming back to the fore.

These are a cult favourite that have been popular since first being designed in 1969!

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