Our Little Shopping Secret: Golden Tote

It may be our job to look at clothing all day, but like most busy ladies, somehow we still can’t find time to shop for ourselves. So what’s our secret weapon for keeping our wardrobe stylish without spending a ton of money or effort? Two words: Golden Tote. ?

?Each month, Golden Tote sends their members a surprise grab bag of on-trend clothing at incredibly affordable prices. Two L.A. clothing designers founded the company, and they work with brands to get you deep discounts, plus they design some of the items too. The result is a serious bargain: for only $49 you can get 2-3 clothing items worth a value of up to $200, or for $149 you can receive 5-7 items that retail for up to $600. You get to choose 1-2 items to go into your tote, and Golden Tote surprises you with the rest based on your personal style.

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