This Cult Cleanser Sells Every 2 Minutes, and It's One of Our All-Time Heroes

When it comes to what’s hot and what’s not in the beauty industry, it can be hard to keep up. From cult moisturisers to fad lipsticks, products come and go, fading in and out of popularity, leaving behind nothing but memories and (only if it was really good) a few Instagram posts of praise. And as the skincare market becomes even more crowded, making a real dent in the memories of beauty editors and skincare buffs can prove challenging.

What that being said, there is one product that has really proved itself as a timeless, cult skincare classic in recent years. Launching less than a decade ago (trust us—this really isn’t a long time in the grand scheme of classic beauty products), Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel has become a firm fixture in the skincare routines of experts and consumers alike.

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel: @jessicazwu



In fact, prior to the launch of Renaissance Cleansing Gel in 2013, there really was very little else like it on the market. Cleansers, at the time, we something we used to wash our faces. They were either gel, cream or foam (if you were really into your skincare, you may have dabbled in using oil cleansers, but they were by no means the mainstream) and they had one aim and one aim only: to clean your skin. Therefore, when a more or less unheard of brand launched a balm/gel hybrid that promised to cleanse, exfoliate and deliver essential antioxidants to leave skin glowing beyond belief, it caused a stir.

Unlike so many other cleansers out there, what really struck people about this particular formula was how enjoyable it is to use. It’s balmy and luxurious, allowing for calming facial massage, all while smelling truly divine. For so many people (including a bunch of Who What Wear editors), it was Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel that got us feeling good about skincare for the first time.

Not only did it actually encourage us to adopt a twice-daily skincare routine, but it also demonstrated what good skincare can actually do for your skin. It leaves you glowing, sure, but it also seamlessly removed makeup and leaves skin smoother and less susceptible to breakouts without any hint of irritation.

It’s no wonder, therefore, that a bottle of this stuff sells every two minutes somewhere across the world. And sure, while some big-name beauty giants might claim that their cult products sell every minute, it’s worth remembering that Oskia isn’t a big global player. In fact, Oskia is actually still a relatively young, privately owned brand that simply champions efficacious skincare that actually works. Nothing more, nothing less.

So with that being said, Oskia, we would like to personally thank you for gifting us glowing skin that we love to look after. Keep scrolling to shop our other go-to Oskia skincare products for when we want to give our skin a real treat.

Unlike so many other face masks out there, this thick, luxurious balm is so sumptuous and buttery that it won’t leave skin dry and irritated. That’s not to say, though, that it won’t do its very best at exfoliating and ridding your complexion of blemishes. Containing a bunch of dead-skin sloughing acids, expect next-level radiance.

Perfect for those that are yet to dip their toe into the retinol pool, this super-gentle retinoid serum will have you waking up with a brighter, plumped complexion without any of the side effects of retinol. Use as a stepping stone to build up to stronger formulas or daily if you have sensitive skin.

If your skin has sunspots and hyperpigmentation, this serum could be everything you need. Full to the brim with vitamin C and arbutin, the skin is left more even, brighter and (yep, you guessed it) more glowy than ever.

Because your limbs need some love too. Whereas some body scrubs can be irritating and drying, this deeply nourishing salt scrub is formulated with vitamin E and starflower oil to leave skin with the healthiest-looking sheen.

There’s no doubt that pollution can wreak havoc with our skin, and this facial mist makes for the ultimate armour. Keep it in your handbag and spritz it over your face to stop harmful pollutants from penetrating the skin. Did we mention it’s also calming and refreshing?