Vans Now Come in This Polarising Colour—and Cool Girls Are on Board

Vans, particularly the black Old Skool variety, have been all over Instagram and fashion week street style snaps for a few seasons now. But there could be another colour that's about to take over, and it's not one we were expecting. The burnt orange Vans, romantically called Glazed Ginger, have been spotted on the likes of Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now and Alex Stedman of The Frugality. And you know if these two thrifty influencers are onto a trend, it's set to sell out shortly/be all over Instagram.

There's one significant difference, however, to wearing the orange Vans compared with the black variety. Where the darker-hued versions are saved for "smarter" outfits such as with your favourite dress, the ginger sneakers are best for trousers. Pair them with frayed-hem jeans and cardigans, checked trousers, or cigarette pants for a casual but laissez-faire vibe. Keep scrolling to see how bloggers style the trainers and where to shop them now.

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