The Bizarre Colour Every Celebrity Seems to be Wearing On Their Eyes

I guarantee that you have an orange eyeshadow collecting dust somewhere in your beauty collection. It's not really the kind of shade that screams out to be worn, especially when it's competing with more enticing nude and metallic tones. 

Orange eyeshadow is surprisingly wearable though, I found this out when I went away and left my regular eyeshadow palette at home and my friend only brought a coral one with her (seriously, who does that). 

I wasn't impressed at first, but it ended up looking pretty good. There's something rather universal about the colour orange, and there's a shade in there for every skin tone. Whether you go all in with a strong shade of persimmon or subtle and almost veering on peach, it's worth trying out.

This isn't my delusional thinking either, I've been spotting orange eyeshadow on the lids of our fave celebs too. If you're ready to make orange eyeshadow happen in the real world, then keep scrolling to find out how to wear it. 

1. Make it metallic

Orange Eyeshadow: Jodie Smith



When in doubt, a little eyelid sparkle will always help you out. Bold matte shadows make a statement, so if you're just dipping your toe into the world of orange, then look for ones that have a metallic tone. The keyword here is subtle, we're thinking shimmer rather than full on glitterball. Pair with a light layer of mascara and glowing cheeks, and you're good to go. 

A little goes a long way with this pot of intense and long-lasting pigment. It's an all-rounder as there's not a single skin tone that this doesn't look incredible on. Add to your collection immediately. 

This fiery orange meets rose gold is just what the beauty doctor ordered, for when you're in a bit of a makeup rut. 

2. Sunset inspired

Orange Eyeshadow: Barbara Malewicz



Stuck on ideas for how to actually apply orange eyeshadow? Look to a sunset for inspiration. Work with both a light orange and dark orange eyeshadow, and blend them in so you create more dimension. Depending on the shape of your eyelids and how bold you're feeling, you can bring the shadow up past your crease. 

If you want a matte finish, make this your go-to for re-creating this look. Vibrant shades that stay put and don't fall out as you're blending in. 

3. Line it up

Orange Eyeshadow: Orange liner and black dress



Not ready to fully step into this trend? Take some baby steps and find the shade of orange that best suits you and that you feel most comfortable in. Using an orange liner or applying an orange eyeshadow with an angled brush is basically like taking the trend for a test drive. 

There's nothing worse than a scratchy eye pencil that tugs on your lids. You won't have to suffer to get the look as this creamy gel pencil is a joy to apply and the colour payoff is just as good as an eyeshadow. 

A thin line of this vibrant tangerine hue is the easiest way to get in on the orange trend, with none of the hard work.

4. Wash of colour 

Orange Eyeshadow: Margot Robbie



Make your brow bone a stand out feature and warm up a fairer complexion, with a wash of orange focused on this area and lining the under-eyes. You can make like Margot Robbie and add another shade into the mix, but if you want to keep it simple, focus on bringing the colour upwards and outwards. 

Why have one orange shade to work with when you can have an entire family. Grab this pigmented palette to experiment with blending multiple shades. 

Complete the look with a light sweep of orange blush on the apples of your cheek. If you don't want to commit to several orange products, this can also double up as an eyeshadow. 

5. Easy does it

Orange Eyeshadow: Florence Pugh



Keep it soft and simple with a sweep of dark orange that could easily masquerade as an alternative to a smoky eye. Use a light hand and play around with the right shade that has a hint of brown in it. While it's a soft look it brings plenty of drama, so go for a neutral lip and well-groomed brows like Florence Pugh. 

Who would have thought that orange eyeshadow could work as an everyday look? Well, this super wearable shade can do just that.

Burnt orange is the grown up version of coral and if you're terrified of a brighter orange, this shade has got your back.

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