We're sure most of our readers are well acquainted with major fashion retailer Forever21 and the vast array of budget-friendly clothing and accessories it offers. The company applies a "fast food" mentality to fashion, making it possible to snap up a cute outfit for less dough than your average expedition to the movies costs. Always easy and inexpensive, we suspect a drive-thru window may very well be Forever21's next venture! Before we get lost in the fantasy of ordering a number-seven-combo-with-a-peacoat, we'd like to introduce you to Forever21's newest addition: Twelve by Twelve.

The Twelve by Twelve line offers shoppers a more sophisticated spin on Forever 21's apparel (and the name is a literal spin as well, with 21 reversing into 12). Twelve by Twelve is created on a collection-by-collection basis and has a cohesive vision, making it easy to mix and match individual pieces. While prices for the line are 35% higher than items from the mother store, nothing exceeds $100 and affordability still reigns supreme.

In addition to the online store, currently there are about ten in-store boutiques (more are planned) and an individual retail store is coming soon to the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. Visit their website for all Twelve by Twelve locations. -Allison Wood

Product! (from left to right)
Layered Chiffon Blouse ($28,
The blouse has a layer of black chiffon over nude chiffon and is 100% silk.

Boyfriend Cuffed Short ($32,
These mid-rise wool shorts are a great transitional item for warm fall days.

Mademoiselle Wool Swingcoat ($69,
The oversized snap button and perfect price makes this wool coat an essential buy.

Bijoux Jeweled Miniskirt ($39,
A nod to the recent embellishment craze, this pleated mini has a rhinestone-studded waistband.

Chic Chiffon Bubble Dress ($24,
This wine-coloured dress simply begs to be worn to a cocktail party.

Piccadilly Deep V Cardigan ($29,
This plunging sweater is a cotton-cashmere blend and is available in charcoal or brown.

Canaby Sweater with Mock Tie ($22,
The lightweight, silk-blend sweater is available in mustard (seen here) or orange.