Microtrend Monday: This Is the New Answer to the Bucket Bag

Here at Who What Wear UK, we always strive to tell you about the next big trends ahead of time. That's why we created Microtrend Monday, your weekly alert to let you know the items and styling tricks that are suddenly taking off.

When it comes to handbags, buckets have been the dominant shape for the last few years ever since Mansur Gavriel burst onto the scene with its black minimal bucket. However, there's a new style that's taking over, and it's designed so you can have both hands-free—handily making WhatsApping on the go so much easier. The bucket bag has a wider top and one strap looped across the middle of the body of the bag, which is designed to be worn across the arm. It is quickly becoming a go-to influencer bag, as Joseph's Wendy and Danse Lente's Johnny bags are regular features on our Instagram feeds. Keep scrolling to see and shop our favourite 2.0 bucket bags.

one-strap bucket bag


Style Stalker

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