How "One Size Fits All" REALLY Looks on Different Body Shapes

Buzzfeed may be largely known for strangely addictive quizzes, but yesterday the site came out with a fascinating investigative story on how real women of different sizes fit into “one size fits most” clothing. Amid the growing plus-size media attention (Vogue’s recent plus-size lingerie shoot and the Calvin Klein model controversy come to mind) the photos and observations from the five women who tried the “one size fits most” clothing feel especially poignant. The ultimate conclusion is an important one, if unsurprising: “one size fits most” is a complete myth with negative implications for many women’s body image and self-esteem.

Scroll down to see a selection of the photos and commentary, and head over to Buzzfeed to see the complete story.

Meet the Real Women Trying "One Size Fits All"


Buzzfeed/Macey J. Foronda

Brandy Melville's "One Size Fits Most" Emilia Skirt


Buzzfeed/Macey J. Foronda

Allison: “Not sure who this would fit. I think if they are trying to do one-size-fits bottoms, the waistband needs to be made of elastic. Even still, this skirt makes no sense. It’s tiny, like for children, but requires childbearing hips. Made for Barbie.”

Lara: "Trying to put this skirt on was like reliving nightmares of trying to fit in Hollister as a child in an effort to fit in. It isn’t a good feeling.”

Candace: “This says one size fits all, but fits small/medium so… (shrugs). I’m a medium and this wouldn’t even go over my hips. It really made me feel awful.”

Sheridan: “I’ve always wanted a skirt that can barely clasp over one of my thighs…”

Kristin: “This literally would not have fit me as an 8-year-old. I don’t know how anyone fits into this.”

Brandy Melville Emilia Skirt ($20)

Brandy Melville's "One Size Fits Most" Mary Tank


Buzzfeed/Macey J. Foronda

Allison: “I could see myself wearing this to da club, if I were so inclined. Very nipply, though.”

Lara: ” I felt like you could see my nipple, and I might as well just wear a bra.”

Candace: “When I looked at it on the hanger, I wondered, How is my body going to fit in this? I don’t even have a big chest but I feel like only half of my boobs made it in. It made me feel awful about my body.”

Sheridan: “I thought this could have been so cute…if I needed a new bra. My main question is what kind of bra are you supposed to wear with this? It’s basically saying you can’t have a bust to even fit in this shirt.”

Kristin: “I thought I’d be embarrassed about wearing this shirt. But honestly, the shirt is the one who should be embarrassed, for thinking that it could call itself a shirt, instead of what it actually is: one-fourth of a halter dress, on a good day, with the right bra.”

Brandy Melville Mary Tank ($16)

Brandy Melville's "One Size Fits Most" Jada Dress


Buzzfeed/Macey J. Foronda

Allison: “I would totally wear this. I feel like I could just throw it on and go.”

Lara: “This dress was very short, and I felt like if I had to bend over or walk anywhere with a breeze, everyone would see my vagina. Basically, people are going to be seeing a lot of my vagina if I wear these clothes, OK???”

Candace: “Even my being 5’6”, it was extremely short, and my chest barely fit in the top portion. It’s like, you have to have no chest.”

Sheridan: “I’m sure it would have looked great if it fit over my head — it probably would have been a crop top for me. I don’t see this working on someone who has curves; it’s very much a dress for the traditional model-type of body.”

Kristin: “Why would anyone make a stretchy jersey dress with tightly sewn together, non-stretchy straps? You had one job, jersey dress.”

Brandy Melville Jada Dress ($30)

Brandy Melville's "One Size Fits Most" Milly Top


Buzzfeed/Macey J. Foronda

Allison: “Didn’t really do anything for me.”

Lara: “There’s a very specific body type that this would look good on and it’s not mine.”

Candace: “The arms were super small while the body of the shirt was really loose. I had to tuck it in to just make it look normal on my body, but it fit!”

Sheridan: “I liked the shirt a lot. I thought it fit really well. The arms were tight, but I could see myself wearing that shirt.”

Kristin: “This can’t possibly be ‘one size’ because the sleeves feel like a completely different size than the rest of the shirt. This is basically a Frankenshirt.”

Brandy Melville Milly Top ($20)

Head over to Buzzfeed to see the rest of the photos, and the girls' final commentary. What do you think of "one size fits all" clothing? Let us know in the comments below!