On the Rise: 13 People to Watch Out for in 2021

Well, 2020 was quite the year wasn't it? While the news was dominated by the pandeminc that doesn't mean we kept our eye off the ball on who's doing exciting stuff right now and in the future. Across the board, whether it's actors, stylists, models, or influencers, there are some really interesting and fabulous people around right now, who we reckon we'll be seeing a lot more of in 2021. Before you dive into our selection, it's probably worth nothing that we chose all of the people featured on the basis that we love their work, they're stylish and they're superstars (you just might not realise it yet). You probably already know a couple on this list already and if you don't, then we're pleased to be able to introduce you to their work. Keep scrolling for the names you need to know in 2021…

Perhaps best known as Stormzy's stylist, Melissa dressed the artist in an incredible head-to-toe Dior look for the BRITs in February. We also go to her page for her personal style to from her love of Hermès bags to chic two pieces. But it's not just the power brands she's a fan of--she'll also tip you off on great Zara deals too (if you didn't follow her Instagram stories about the perfumes, then you missed out).

If you got hooked on The Duchess, created by comedian Katherine Ryan, then you'll probably love the costumes too. The woman behind those outfits is Jennifer Michalski-Bray. While she's not new to the industry, we can't wait to see more from her in 2021. 

Over lockdown, the Young Emperors their audience grown exponentially, and it's easy to see why. Their attention to detail when creating Reels is like no other. Yes, they dress incredibly well and love to play around with colours and matching outfits but the smart editing is what really makes their page pop. 

Founder of Pepper Your Talk and The Junior Network, Dior Bediako used to work for Burberry until she decided that she wanted to create opportunities for the younger generation coming up through the fashion industry in the form of mentors and strong networks. 

If you've been on Instagram this year then you've probably spotted Nyome Nicholas-Williams. The model had an image removed of her posing semi-nude by Instagram over the summer. It was met with hundreds supporting the model by sharing the image on Instagram again with the hashtag #IwanttoseeNyome, and raised questions about censorship on the platform and who was "allowed" to share certain types of images. Eventually all images we reinstated, and we hope to see similar in 2021. 

It's probably not surprising that the daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost is a model. The 20-year-old has just become the face of Bulgari as its accessories ambassador. 

Obsessed with denim and love sustainability? Then you need to get Kelly Harrington on your radar. Super cool and informative, we want to see more of her next year. 

Founder of one of the coolest brands of 2020, Kai Collective, Fisayo Longe is also incredible cool herself. From her love of bold colours to fabulous shoes, we can't get enough of her style, and we predict big things for her label too. 

If you're done with fast fashion or indeed buying new clothes ever again, then you need to know about By Rotation. Founded by Eshita Kabra-Davies, the fashion rental app means you can wear all of the chicest dresses around. 

You know when you stumble across someone's IG page and know immediately that they're super stylish? That's how I feel about Charlotte Williams. Founder of influencer marketing agency SevenSix agency, she's also the co-host of the Sustainably Influenced podcast.

The best word to describe Zinnia Kumar is multi-talented. The published scientist is currently studying an MSc in Industrial and Organisational Psychology at UCL and she also works with non-governmental organisations on sustainability. Oh, and she's a model.

Olivia Cooke is set to star in Little Fish, a film with Jack O'Connell about a memory loss virus. While that might sound a little too 'on the nose' for right now, we've seen the trailer and it looks epic. 

If you're a regular reader of Who What Wear, you'll know that we love Paula Sutton who goes by the IG account Hill House Vintage. We predict that she's only going to get even more popular, and we can't wait to see what she'll be doing in her garden in 2021. 

Next up, The biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to know. 

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