29 Brilliant Wedding Outfit Ideas From the Olsen Twins

If you're like us, you probably have approximately 547 weddings you're invited to, each with its own particular locale and unofficial code. Yes, with the arrival of spring (and summer just around the bend!), it's that time of year when everyone you know (and their brother) is tying the knot.

Feeling overwhelmed by it all? Sometimes all you need to get revitalized (and stay fashion-focused) in the midst of wedding season is to browse photos of the Olsen twinsas it turns out, their red-carpet choices make for some of the most inspired wedding-guest attire we've seen. From stunningly detailed gowns to modern caftans and suits, these girls kill it every time, and we can easily imagine wearing their looks to any number of weddings.

Keep scrolling to see a few looks the Olsen twins have worn to weddings, as well as a ton of brilliant wedding guest outfit ideas inspired by their best ensembles.