The Olsens Wear This One Outfit Combo Every Single Month of the Year

This week Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen attended an event in New York, swamped in their signature all-black outfits. We feel like we have seen them wear these exact ensembles 100 times over. The Olsen twins are both advocates of a seasonless wardrobe, as instead of having a divide between bright florals for summer and dark colours for winter, they stick to oversized black pieces regardless of the temperature. We imagine over 75% of their wardrobe is all black, proving that there is nothing wrong with wearing no colour. Trinny and Susannah were officially wrong when they said back in the '00s that "black clothes are the chief enemy of modern Britain." If you get teased for your love of black, this story is for you, as we show how the Olsen twins wear black from January right through to December. Keep scrolling to see their latest all-black looks, and see how it's the exact same as how they wear black in July.