10 Reasons the Olsen Twins' Style Is Still So Important

Ask a room of 10 fashion editors which celebrities they consider stylish, and we guarantee that a strong majority will say Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Over the past decade or so, the Olsen twins' style has led them to build up an entirely legitimate fashion empire with their incredibly successful, luxe brand The Row, as well as its sister line, Elizabeth and James. Both ranges are worn by many an A-lister, from Jennifer Lopez to Gigi Hadid, and their pieces always come in gorgeous, beautifully cut fabrics—these sisters really have an eye for detail. But it's not just on the catwalk that their fashion credentials shine through, it's their red carpet and downtime appearances too. 



The sisters' fashion vibe goes a little like this: Outfits are often artfully draped or layered (predominantly in black), they are partial to ignoring/overlooking/being way too hip for a dress code, flat shoes are a must at almost all times, and mix 'n' match creativity is key. While much has been made of their penchant for oversize clothes or carrying big handbags on the red carpet, we cite their stylish outfits as ones to covet on a daily basis, and we're sure we're not alone. Here, we've decoded their less-obvious style rules so that you too can channel the power of an Olsen more often. Click through the gallery below for our guide on the Olsens' style rules. 

1. Sunglasses indoors are appropriate if your friend is wearing them too.


Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

You might feel a tad silly when wearing sunglasses indoors if it's just you, but if you have a friend doing the same thing? Then you're okay. 

2. Jewellery should look like it's from a thrift store (in a good way).


Jason Kempin/Getty Images

The Olsen twins have been doing the red carpet since they were small kids, so they know how to do these kinds of things by now—and being obvious is not their style. Pop to your nearest thrift store and rummage in the costume jewellery section, or buy something that could pass as your grandma's. 

3. Never iron or roll up sleeve cuffs.


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

This is a layered look that isn't for everyone, but it can be super chic. Hunt around for a great oversize jacket, or buy one a size bigger; then ensure a shirt is poking out underneath. Steal your boyfriend's if you have to. 

4. Carry your large tote everywhere.


Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

It's tempting to go for a mini handbag or forgo one altogether to be sophisticated on the red carpet, but a large tote is actually sometimes totally acceptable, as proven by the Olsens. So you can fit your kitchen sink in and still look cool. 

5. Black is always the new black.


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While they might be wearing all black, these women know how a neckline can do all the talking for your outfit. Case in point: a topknot goes with a high-necked outfit, and hair must be tucked away for statement earrings and a low V-neck. Both look as good as the other. 

6. Wearing flats everywhere is totally fine.


Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Think you have to wear heels to look good at a fancy event? Not so. Take a tip from the Olsens and make sure your flats are almost masculine in appearance for a power look even when you're vertically challenged.

7. Everything is an accessory.


Raymond Hall/Getty Images

Accessorising with your flat white? Who knew?

8. All oversize everything.


Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Worried about looking a little swamped by your draping and oversize clothes? Fear not; the trick to rescuing this is showing a little ankle. 

9. Take inspiration from plush interiors.


Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Another matching tip (well, they are twins) comes in the form of making sure your outfit looks pulled together by pairing your dress and your jacket together in similar colours. Bonus points if it looks a little like your home's soft furnishings. 

10. Instantly upgrade any outfit with huge earrings.


Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Want to take your office outfit from day to night? Simply add a pair of huge earrings

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