The 7-Piece Olivia Palermo Zara Wardrobe

Reason number 687 we love Olivia Palermo: She's as big of a Zara fan as we (and you) are. She even chooses to wear it over high-end designer pieces throughout fashion month each season. Furthermore, she's said of the wildly popular fast-fashion brand, "I realised that wherever I go [when travelling], I can stop in at Zara." We'd be remiss to not admit that we, too, have "forgotten" to pack certain clothing items for a getaway just as an excuse to follow her lead and pick up a few things at the nearest Zara location.

Palermo's selections are certainly varied, but we have noticed that she often sticks to certain types of items when she shops at Zara (and everywhere else, for that matter—she knows what she likes). For example, you may have noticed that she loves a good embroidered shirt, LBD and structured jacket. Inspired by the tastemaker, we dug through Zara's thousands of items (not complaining) and found pieces that perfectly match her aesthetic. With this seven-piece capsule wardrobe, you can mix and match the items, just as Palermo does with her own wardrobe, and get tonnes of chic outfits that would make OP proud.

Below, start out with a little inspiration, courtesy of a few recent examples of Palermo donning Zara, and shop the seven-piece wardrobe that she'd undoubtedly approve of.

Olivia Palermo wearing Zara


Getty Images, Getty Images, Splash News; PICTURED: Olivia Palermo wearing a Zara skirt, embroidered button-down and utility shirt, respectively.

Structured Third Piece 

Palermo is well aware that a third piece adds interest to any outfit, and she tends to favour structured ones to add extra polish to her look.

Embroidered Top

Embroidery is a trend that Palermo has fully embraced, and Zara does it quite well. Channel Palermo and pair these embroidered tops with leather pants, skinny jeans or slim-fit trousers.

Slim Trousers

Whether you're seeking a neutral pair of slim trousers or a fun printed pair, Zara has them. Try yours with a button-down and blazer or a sweater for the most Olivia Palermo–inspired look.

Statement Skirt 

You may have noticed that Palermo rarely wears "boring" skirts. She instead chooses interesting details like ruffles, embroidery and asymmetrical seams.

Little Black Dress 

LBDs are one of Palermo's go-to layering pieces in any given season. And Zara has a slew of options to choose from, all of which feature interesting cuts and special details that she would gravitate towards.

Fancy Flats 

When Palermo isn't wearing stilettos or sneakers, she's wearing "fancy flats," meaning nine times out of 10, her flats feature some sort of eye-catching embellishment or embroidery. 

Stiletto Ankle Boots 

Based on our observations, the heel style that Palermo wears more than any other is sleek stiletto ankle boots. And luckily, Zara keeps them in stock year-round. Pair them with your skirts, slim trousers and LBDs, just as OP would. 

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