Olivia Palermo's Space-Saving Tip for Packing Lightly

Of course Olivia Palermo would have the perfect solution for saving space when packing for a vacation. The always-polished style star recently spilled to InStyle UK her secret to packing light and how she preps the perfect suitcase for a warm-weather getaway.

“I’m pretty good at packing and rarely go over the limit. It’s all about being methodical. I use loads of ziplock bags to group my clothes and beauty products together and have a good-quality Rimowa suitcase.” Palermo went on to say, “I love a reversible strapless bikini—it’s great if you want to pack lightly, and I prefer one with no straps to avoid tan lines. I also have a sporty one-piece by Lisa Marie Fernandez, which keeps me warm if it’s not baking hot.” 

There you have it. The key to not overpacking this summer is to invest in reversible, space-saving swimwear! Not sure where to find such a thing? Don’t worry—we did the shopping for you.

Scroll down to check out our favourite two-in-one swimsuits!

Tory Burch Paisley Reversible String Bikini Top ($115)

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