Olivia Palermo Can't Stop Wearing This £6 Accessory

When Olivia Palermo commits, even casually, to a trend, we always pay attention. But when she does it more than three times? Well, then we know it's time to start wearing it immediately. Her most recent look, which she's been wearing all over the summer too, is easy to do and doesn't cost very much at all—meaning we can all dress like OP for less than a tenner. Sounds pretty good, right? And the trend in question? The skinny scarf. 

We've seen many an A-lister wearing this trend already, but OP is a particular lover of it and even wore it on the front row of Max Mara at Milan Fashion Week. As always, though, it's about how you wear it. Palermo's approach is to wrap it around her neck and then let both ends (not one, never just one) hang over her front, layered over whatever she's wearing. And she doesn't restrict herself to wearing it with simple tops and T-shirts; she also wears it with dresses. 

For proof, we suggest you scroll through our gallery to take a look at how Palermo styles her skinny scarf and find out where to shop our favourites around right now.